Are Kids Gardening Gloves Useful?

picture of My boy holding a baby snake with his gloves

I was able to check out Duramitt gloves while attending the International Housewares Show.  They offer a large variety including latex covered gloves, full dipped gloves, knitted gloves, PVC dotted gloves, and even gloves with scouring or sponge pad palms.  Duramitt gloves allow you to keep your hands protected while you do the tasks you need to do like cleaning, gardening, and other work. They have gloves for everyone, including kids.

picture of Kids Gardening Gloves
Kids Gardening Gloves

I always seem to have gardening gloves on while I’m outside, there is always weeds to pull, sticks to pick up or other landscape tasks to be done.  I started buying my kids gloves when they were 3 and 5 years old. They liked to help mom in the garden and be like me. So, they are use to having their own pair of kids gardening gloves.

With my active kids being outside exploring, I’m happy that they are use to wearing protective gloves. I don’t mind my kids getting dirty and think it is actually good for them to play in the dirt and mud even!  However, when in the woods, my kids have to wear close toe shoes and gloves.  We’ve had way too much poison ivy and of course there are all sorts of creatures in the woods like snakes that I despise and my kids are drawn to!

My 7 year old Elijah loves to look under dirty rocks and fallen tree branches for salamanders, worms, and other creepy crawly things.

picture of Uses for Kids Gardening Gloves
Uses for Kids Gardening Gloves
picture of Exploring nature and finding worms with gardening gloves
Exploring nature and finding worms with gardening gloves

He also likes to build forts.

picture of My son hard at work!
My son hard at work!

Gloves come in handy for this, as well as snake handling! (Not intended for handling poisonous, dangerous snakes, of course!)

picture of My boy holding a baby snake with his gloves
My boy holding a baby snake with his gloves

My daughter Elizabeth is 5 years old and likes to help mom in the garden. Whether she is helping with planting, weeding, or picking up sticks, she wears her gardening gloves.

picture of Girls Gardening Gloves
Girls Gardening Gloves

Whether you live in the woods like we do or just have kids that like to explore, Duramitt kids gloves are just nice to have around to protect little hands for hard working fun! Plus, kids think they are fun with the great kids colors and designs.

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This was not a paid post. My own opinions were used based on my perceptions and experience. Thank you to Duramitt who supplied the products for review

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