Are Someone Else’s Prescription Drugs in Your Tap Water?

Studies show that many drinking water supplies across our nation are tainted with traces of prescription drugs like heart medications, hormones, and mood stabilizers.    How is this happening, you ask?  Let me answer you with a question…How do you dispose of unused or expired over-the-counter and prescription medications in your household?  Most of us either throw them in the trash, or flush them down the toilet.  That’s where the problem begins.  These drugs then make their way into our water systems, and voila, we’ve got traces of our neighbors’ meds flowing freely from our faucets.  Yuck!

Tracable amounts of medications in our water is not only a potential health problem for our families, but is reaking havoc on our waterways too.  Estrogen-based medications found in bodies of water are thought to be producing “feminized” male fish.  “Intersex” fish – those that have both male and female sex characteristics, have been found in a heavily polluted part of the Potomac River.

How Can We Stop This From Happening?

Proper disposal of medications is the key, and it’s easy to do.  In the Akron, OH area, medications can be dropped off at local DUMP (Dispose of Unused Medications Properly) locations, many of which are in local police stations and government buildings.  For a list of drop off sites in your area, click here.   If you don’t live in the Akron, Ohio, area, ask your local health department if they participate in such a program.  If not, maybe you could start a petition asking them to do so.


DUMP Medication Disposal Box at our Police Station

 As Easy as 1-2-3-4

DUMP is for medications only (pills, liquids, capsules) NOT syringes.

  1. Keep medications in their original containers
  2. Mark out any identifying information like your name and address.
  3. Place medication in a ziplock bag.
  4. Deposit medications in your local D.U.M.P. disposal box.  They take care of the rest!
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