Back-to-School Shopping: 4 Tips for Selecting the Right Clothes and Shoes for Your Kids

It’s that time of the year again! Summer is in full swing, which only means one thing: it’s time to plan your back-to-school shopping strategy. We know what you’re thinking, ‘But isn’t it too early to start considering back-to-school shopping?” The short answer is no. The best time to buy is early-to-mid summer. That’s when the prices drop, the shelves are complete, and you’ll get what you need in a relatively stress-free way.

Make your back-to-school clothing and footwear shopping a breeze with these handy tips.

1. Have the Budget Talk Before Hitting the Stores

This is where you start. Establish your child’s clothing expectations and then have an open, honest dollar and cents talk with them.

It will help if your child is old enough to have a lesson on finances. That way, they won’t feel hard done by when they learn they can’t throw anything in the cart. In the long run, budget discussions help kids and teens understand that money doesn’t grow on trees but requires smart choices and advanced planning.

2. Keep Your Kid’s Style Preference in Mind

It’s important to ecognize your child’s style preferences, even if you can’t meet their expectations. All kids have a favorite color, sometimes more than one. You only need to look in the right places to find affordable outfits and shoes of the exact hues your child wants.

It’s best to offer your child a choice between several pieces that you’ve preapproved. That way, you’re both content with the final pick and it fits into your budget.

3. Stock Up On Pants

This sounds like a no-brainer, but most parents get it wrong when they buy one or two pants in the name of being frugal.

Every kid needs at least five pairs of pants to get through a typical school week. Unlike adults who may wear the same pair for consecutive days and keep them clean, kids need an entirely new set of outfits daily. After all, a lot happens on a kid’s day before the final bell rings.

Of course, each child is unique, but boys generally like loose-fitting, stylish pants. Chino, jeans, jogger, and cargo pants fit that description pretty well. Girls love these picks but also like fall-front trousers, harem pants, and palazzos. Neutral colors are usually best, with black and navy having the advantage of hiding stains best. To be on the safe side budget-wise, check your kid’s school dress code before investing in any piece.

4. Don’t Forget Crocs

If there is one item kids cannot get enough of, it’s Crocs. Perfect for class, playtime, arts and crafts, or wearing just because Crocs shoes are quickly becoming a mainstay staple of so many closets. Get a variety of Crocs in different styles, from Crocs slides to Crocs clogs and everything in between. Of course, this depends on the school’s dress code, so check with the administration or refer to the dress code policy before going on a shopping spree.

So what makes Crocs the ultimate form of footwear for school? First, the material is unbeatable. Crocs are made of rubber, so they’re durable and waterproof. Thus, your kid can wear them to class on a rainy day without worrying about having soggy socks. They are also lightweight, which makes them easy to walk around all day with zero discomfort. On top of that, the strap design allows for a versatile fit, providing secure comfort in a sandal style, or flipped back to become a slip-on shoe. What’s not to love?

Let your kids choose their favorite Crocs. The chance to express personal style makes back-to-school shopping a breeze. Speaking of shopping, it pays to choose a retailer that stocks all the different types of Crocs shoes your child may need so you don’t waste your precious time and energy moving from store to store. JD Sports, for example, stocks a wide variety of Crocs shoes in all the colors and styles you can think of.


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