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When I hear about computer crashes, I cringe. What if it was me? What if I lost all of my family’s digital pictures? What if I lost all of my files? I have never had an effective back-up system in place, although I know the importance and have heard commercials on the radio. I can breathe a huge sigh of relief with the security that MiMedia gives me.

Not only does MiMedia back up all of my files, especially my precious irreplaceable family photos but MiMedia gives me the convenience of accessing all of my files from my home computer anywhere there is an internet connection. Pretty cool, huh?

If you are like me, you just need someone to push you in the right direction, read on for my review.

MiMedia Review

MiMedia gives you an online, secure account to instantly access all of your digital files from any web connected device. Simply select which files or select your entire hard drive to back up. Once everything is backed up, MiMedia will automatically notice any updates, changes, or new files and add them to your backed-up account. This is soooo much better than trying to remember to back up your files at home on an external hard drive, etc which was my former way to back up. Such a time consuming hassle!

Setting up your MiMedia Account

Seeting up your MiMedia Account is super easy. It’s easier than even navigating your windows explorer! You simply select which device you want to back up. Usually, this will be your C drive. If you have any thumb drives, camera cards, or have other hard drives on your computer, you will be given the option to select those as well. You can select individual files or just click what they recommend, which is what I did.

picture of Setting up MiMedia media backup
Setting up MiMedia media backup

Accessing your data online with MiMedia

You can access your document folders, photos, videos, and music files from any web connected device. Once you login, you will be taken to your personal, secure “M” drive or home page. You can visually see your music files (which I have none), photos, and videos. To access any of these, including your file folder, you can also use the links at the top of the page.

picture of My MiMedia Homepage
My MiMedia Homepage

You can always see how much space you have left at the bottom of the screen. I’m just starting my upload, so you see that I have not yet reached the 250 G size, don’t worry, it’s gonna get close to that! I have a LOT of photos! LOL

Below is a screen shot of my Akron Zoo folder. I have that folder clicked, it opens the folder and shows what I have in it. Below is a grid view, you can also have a list or single view.

picture of Viewing Photo Directory on MiMedia
Viewing Photo Directory on MiMedia

Below is a screen shot of my videos on MiMedia. These files can be accessed under the file folders but I also like that they are all located in one video section as well. I can check out all the videos that I have at a glance.

picture of Videos on MiMedia
Videos on MiMedia

MiMedia organizes your files just the way you have them organized on your home computer. This makes it easy to navigate and find the file you want while accessing MiMedia from another computer. You can even upload files directly to your (m:) drive or download your (m:) files form any computer at any time. This replaces the need for flash drives, thumb drives, and burning CDs.

Sharing files with MiMedia

You can even share your photos and videos with MiMedia.  Find what you want to share, then click the Share button. You can select one file or a whole gallery! You can share your files with MiMedia through email, facebook or in newsfeeds.  It is super easy and quick to do. If you use facebook, you know how time consuming it can be to locate and upload photos. It is a snap to do it with MiMedia. 🙂

Uploading files to MiMedia

You have 2 choices on how to start the back up of your files with MiMedia. First, you can have it connect to the internet and back up all of your files. You can decide how much bandwidth you want MiMedia to use while you are using the computer or when the computer is idle. This is very convenient, especially if you won’t be on the computer while it starts. It can upload about 4 GB per day.

Or, if you opt for the 250 GB plan, you can receive a Free Shuttle Drive in the mail. Copy all of your files to the drive, then mail it back in the pre-paid box. After the initial upload, it won’t take nearly as much bandwidth or time to keep your files uploaded.

picture of Free Shuttle Drive to start back up process
Free Shuttle Drive to start back up process

MiMedia Backup Storage Plan for FREE

You know a company is good when they offer you a Free Trial or even Free service. MiMedia does both. They offer a 100% Free Backup offer for 7GB of media files for free, forever. They don’t even require a credit card. Seriously. You can save 1,000+ Songs, 1,400+ Photos, 140+ Videos, and 7,000+ Docs for FREE. How can MiMedia do this? Because they know that once you start using their service and see how easy it is and how convenient it is, you’ll want to back up all of your digital life! If you just want to try the Free 7GB of storage, click here.

If you are like me, 7GB won’t backup much, especially with lots of photo and video files of your cute kids. 🙂 Their Premium Back Up Plan is available for FREE for 30 days. Go ahead, try it out for 30 days, if you like it, it is just $9.99 a month or $99 for a full year.  A small price to pay for the convenience of accessing all of your files from any connected device and for the peace of mind it gives you to have all of your files backed up.

With the Premium Back Up Plan, you get 250 GB of space to save: 30,000+ Songs, 50,000+ Photos, 5,000+ Videos, 250,000+Docs

Go ahead, try the Free 30 Day Trial of the 250 GB Back up, click here.

I’m really delighted that I took the right step to finally protect my precious family photos and important digital files. Now, I don’t have to worry about a computer crash or other danger that could leave me without my files, especially my kids’ photos. Plus, I like that I can access all of my files from any computer. MiMedia has given me a freedom, I wish I had heard of them before.  Please comment below and let me know if you check MiMedia out and what you think.

This was not a paid post. My own opinions were used based on my perceptions and experience. Thank you to MiMedia who provided the service for review.

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