Bedtime Routines are Not Just for Kids – 4 Sleep Strategies for Better Sleep

4 Sleep Strategies for Better Sleep

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Do your kids have a bedtime routine? My kids have had the same bedtime routine since they were babies, with minor changes like bed times.  I don’t know what we would do without their bedtime routine. It helps them unwind to get better sleep.

Guess what, adults also need a bedtime routine too.
Is this one of those cases where parents think kids need it but they don’t?

Maybe that is why 5 million Americans suffer from insomnia.  We aren’t doing the types of things that induce good, healthy sleep.

4 Sleep Strategies for Better Sleep

Below are 4 key sleep strategies that you can add to your bedtime routine that can help you achieve the good night’s sleep that your body needs for better health, focus, and mood.

  1. Exercise – Not right before bed. If you exercise during the day, it helps your body’s 24-hour cycle or circadian rhythm, making you get sleepier at night.
  2. Relax – Allow yourself time to relax and unwind before bedtime. Retreat to your bedroom and enjoy relaxing activities like reading, writing, listen to mellow music, and taking a warm bath to help transition from daytime to bedtime.
  3. Sign OffTurn off all electronic devices including your laptop, tv, and smartphone 1 hour before bedtime. LED lights from any of these devices can activate your brain, keeping you from falling and staying asleep.
  4. Sleep in the Dark – Light is a natural reminder to our bodies telling us it is time to wake up. Tell your body to go to sleep by blocking out the light.

Commit to Better Sleep

I have incorporated many of these into my own life. The one that I must work harder at is signing off. I use to work at my computer until late at night, then I couldn’t fall asleep. About 6 months ago, I stopped and I’m sleeping better.

However, I use my smartphone as an alarm clock and set it every night right before bed. During this time, I’ve found myself checking my email, facebook, and instagram just one last time. This isn’t healthy and I plan to stop this unhelpful habit.

I commit to fully signing off 1 hour before bedtime this month to see if it makes a change in helping me to achieve a good night’s sleep. I’ll let you know how I did with a follow-up post. 🙂

Will You Commit to Better Sleep with me?

Are you willing to commit to doing one or more of the above sleep strategies this month? If so, which one? Comment below

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