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Hair Thingz

With two young girls, I am always searching  for cute, affordable “hair bobs” as we call them. We have an entire drawer full of barrettes, headbands, and pony tail holders, but nothing like Hair Thingz.  These clever, colorful, spirals of plastic create unique hair styles that the girls in your life we love to wear!

A Little About Hair Thingz

Hair Thingz were created by a mom looking for fun, new ways to do her girls hair.  Wish I had her creativity!  Hair Thingz are simple spirals of BPA-free and heavy metal-free plastic.  They come in a variety of coordinating colors, and are sold 12 per pack.  Simple though they may be, Hair Thingz are incredibly versatile.  The only limitation in the hair styles you can create is the limitation of your creativity!

Hair Thingz
Hair Thingz

And, although they are  small, Hair Thingz are truly mighty – you can bend, twist and stretch them, and when you take them out of your hair, they go right back to their original corkscrew shape.  They will not chip or break, and are so easy to put in AND remove.  It’s also nice to know that Hair Thingz are made right here in the US of A.

Hair Thingz--A sampling of the colors & the how-to guide
Hair Thingz–A sampling of the colors & the how-to guide

Our Experience with Hair Thingz

I’ll be honest.  at first glance, I didn’t think we would be able to do much with these spirals of plastic.  Boy, was I wrong!  They have become one of my 5 year old’s favorite hair accessories.  With very little practice, I have been able to style her hair all sorts of different ways with the Hair Thingz.  You simply grab a section of hair, give it a few twists, and begin flexing the Hair Thingz into place.  You can layer the Hair Thingz to get a multi-tone affect – one of  my Lila’s favorite looks.  🙂

Lila sporting 2 Hair Thingz
Lila sporting 2 Hair Thingz

Here’s another fab combination – 3 twisted Hair Thingz I simply attached to a ponytail holder.  Several of Lila’s friends at school wanted to know what was in her hair – they loved the bouncy look!

Hair Thingz ponytail - from OK to WOW!
Hair Thingz ponytail – from OK to WOW!

A few Sundays ago, I used a couple of Hair Thingz to style Lila’s hair for church.  Part way through the service, she decided to take the Hair Thingz out and play with them.  She loves that she can simply slide them off, and remove them from her hair with out pain.  Before the end of the service, I took a chunk of her hair, gave it a few twists, and put the Hair Thingz back in her hair.  It took about a minute.  When the service was done, a lady sitting in the pew behind us started asking me about the Hair Thingz.  She couldn’t believe how cute they looked and how easy they were to use, and wanted to know more about them.

Another great feature of Hair Thingz is that even though they are a cinch to remove, they don’t just slide off when you don’t want them too.  We’ve got a number of barrettes that do this.  The Hair Thingz stay put in my daughter’s hair all day long.

I also love how versatile they are.  Because you combine the colors together yourself, it’s like having a slew of custom made hair-bobs.  With Hair Thingz, you can create a cute look for almost any outfit your girls can throw your way.  Here’s a picture of Lila wearing her school colors, blue and white.  Fun, huh?!

This fun design uses 4 Hair Thingz
This fun design uses 4 Hair Thingz

With the holidays coming up, I think Hair Thingz would make a great gift idea.  And at only $6/pack, they won’t break the bank either!

Buy Hair Thingz

You can buy Hair Thingz on their website:

Hair Thingz on Facebook

This was not a paid post. My own opinions were used based on my perceptions and experience. Thank you to Hiar Thingz who provided the products for review.

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