Enjoy the Benefits of a Facial at Home with ZOE

I’m excited to tell you about a brand-new skincare breakthrough product that makes my skin feel better than ever. It delivers a facial massage from the comfort and privacy of your own home as often as you want. I’m already seeing and feeling improvements from using this product, my face feels fresh, clean, clearer, healthy, and softer than ever. This is an anti-aging product every adult needs and an antimicrobial cleaning product every teen needs!

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As a woman in my forties, I’m paying attention to my skin more than ever. Although I’ve always taken care of my skin, especially my face and neck, there are always advances in this industry and things I wish I could have started sooner. Today, I’m excited to tell you about a brand-new breakthrough in the industry – ZOE! ZOE is the world’s first 3-in-1 cleansing, massaging, and anti-aging brushless silicone sonic skincare device. This amazing little device does wonders on the skin, revealing clearer, healthier skin.

I’ve been using ZOE for 60 days – not every day, every 2-3 days – and I have noticed that my rosacea is calmer, and my overall skin tone is soft, supple, and so clean.

Simply  This medical-grade device cleans and massages your skin with an impressive 6,000 pulses per minute! Don’t worry, it’s good for all skin types – even my super-sensitive skin!  You can get the perfect facial for your face and change it around different areas of your face if you’d like; there are 15 adjustable massage settings. You control the intensity of ZOE to get the perfect facial every time.

Since I have sensitive skin, I started out using the lowest setting until I understood how the product worked and how my skin would react. Now, I use different settings around my eyes and nose and over my rosacea-prone skin.  This device is so easy to use; with just a press of a button, you are getting an amazing facial every time.

ZOE has a petal-like silhouette with a slightly pointed tip that makes it easier to cleanse the awkward nook-and-cranny areas, like the corners of your eyes and around your nose and ears. It’s easy to hold onto and grip even when wet. It’s waterproof, too, so don’t worry about getting it wet. 

After the first day, I felt that my skin was already smoother. Who knows how much dead skin cells were stripped away, let alone impurities from makeup that weren’t fully removed. My skin is squeaky-clean now and feels great. This is another reason why I want to give my teens a ZOE; having clean skin as a teen is essential for clear skin.

ZOE is battery-operated, but the battery lasts a very long time; I’ve been using this for 60 days and haven’t had to charge it yet.
You can purchase a ZOE on the QYKSonic website in a variety of colors and styles. I’m verry happy with ZOE Bliss model.


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