No More Frumpy Moms – How to Dress Practically and Fashionably

Being a mom is a busy job. Sometimes it feels like you never stop. Dropping the kids off and picking them up again, running errands, going to work, doing the housework, walking the dog. It’s impossible to always look your best when you’re always on the move, but it would be nice to look at least presentable.

Wearing your favorite heels, a little black dress and a full face of makeup just isn’t practical when you have kids.

You need clothes that look great, but are durable too. Your outfit needs to survive doing the school drop off, going to work, getting sticky hands all over it and playing soccer in the yard. Active moms need flexible clothes that can do as many jobs as they can. Keep these tips in mind when you’re shopping for outfits that can keep up with you.

Machine Washable

Before we get to the more fashionable side of things, as an active mom you need practical clothes. And one of the most practical things a piece of clothing can be is machine washable. You already do far too much laundry every week, especially if you have babies or little ones who might need multiple outfit changes in one day. There’s just no time to take things to the dry cleaners or wash anything by hand. Anything that  you can put in the washing machine without shrinking, discoloring or altering it in any way is a big plus. If you worry about energy use and the environment, you can do your laundry at lower temperatures.

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Comfortable but Fashionable

Finding comfortable clothes isn’t too hard, but finding comfortable and fashionable clothes isn’t so easy. Many clothes designed for busy moms are somewhat lacking in fashion. They can be boring and sometimes frumpy, but comfortable and practical doesn’t have to mean frumpy. You might want to look for clothes that are a bit looser and stretchier, especially if your kids enjoy anything that involves running around (which most kids do!). Long-line tops and tunics with leggings or a smart pair of jeans can look great for work and still be great for running around at home. Tuchuzy stock rag & bone, who make clothes that are both modern and practical.


When it comes to shoes, it’s always difficult finding a pair that’s both stylish and practical. When you have kids, it’s even more difficult because your work shoes aren’t ideal for grocery shopping or taking your child to their ballet classes. One way to solve the problem is to keep a spare pair of shoes in your bag or the car. It’s difficult to change outfits at the end of your work day, but much easier to slip on another pair of shoes. Then you can go from sitting in the office to chasing your toddler as quick as a flash. You can also look for flat but stylish shoes. It’s not difficult to find fashionable flats, and your feet will thank you when you haven’t had a chance to sit down all day.

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