Hip, Trendy Fragrances by Tattooed by Inky for Tweens, Teens, and Beyond

Kids like to smell good, just like adults.  And yet, I don’t know about you, but I’m not into buying expensive perfumes for my girls.  It would be nice to find a scent for them that was affordable and appealing.  Lately the bath and body stores I’ve checked out have had scents that are too sweet and “little girly” as my eldest puts it.  Then I was asked to review a line of body sprays from Tattooed by Inky.  These lightly scented, wonderfully priced ($5.99 each), hip looking body sprays were designed with today’s modern youth in mind.  But would they pass my family’s sniff test?

Sorry, No Scratch and Sniff Here – I’ll Do My Best to Describe Tattooed By Inky Scents…

OK, so AOM doesn’t have scratch and sniff technology.  My descriptions will have to do!  First off, the body sprays come in 5 uniquely formulated scents: 2 for ladies, 2 for men, and one unisex.

Tattooed by Inky hip, trendy Body Sprays
Tattooed by Inky hip, trendy Body Sprays

Scents for Her

A Mi Amor – a floral and vanilla based scent with a hint of deep amber. This is a soft, very wearable fragrance.  This was Alyssa’s favorite, and mine too.

Sudden Freedom – is made with aquatic florals, pink jasmine and rosewood.  It reminds me of a slightly sweeter, almost honeysuckle scent.

Scents for Him

Drako – is a blend of spices, musks and wood scents. This is my husband’s favorite.  A really well balanced scent.

Monkey Business – made up of sandlewood, lavender, leather and pepper.  A nice, deep, different smelling men’s spray.  I could definitely smell the slight scent of leather.

Unisex Scent

Koi – a unique mix of ginger, citrus and patchouli. Unlike lots of people, I’m not a big fan of patchouli.  Evenso, this was a nice scent that was balanced enough that I could enjoy the other earthy scents too.  I would wear this one, patchouli and all.

The idea behind these fragrances is that, being a body spray, they are lighter to the nose – no more being knocked over when someone walks by bathed in their perfume!  This lighter scent allows them to be used more than once throughout the day, whenever you feel like you need a refresh.  These would be especially great for the teen or college student that has to run from sports to other events and might not get a chance for a shower in between.  A little Tattoed by Inky behind the ear, and they are set to go!

My Favorite Things About Tattooed by Inky Body Sprays

  •  The scents are more complex than your average body spray – nice!  This makes them smell more like a real perfume or cologne to me, and less like a run-of-the-mill body spray.
  • The price – these gems retail at $5.99.  Give a few as a gift, and let your giftee pick a favorite.  And are you thinking what I’m thinking?  These sprays would make great stocking stuffers!
  • The tatoo artwork on the bottles – it’s fun and trendy, and very appealing to the younger age set.
    Close up of Tattooed by Inky artwork
    Close up of Tattooed by Inky artwork


Buy Tattooed by Inky Body Sprays

Tattoed by Inky body sprays can be purchased at Target, AJ Wright, Dots, Big Lots, and other retail chains.

This was not a paid post. My own opinions were used based on my perceptions and experience. Thank you to Tattooed by Inky who provided the product for review.

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