Splendies: Pretty Undies Every Month

When I buy underwear most of the I am buying just the packs on plain boring cotton panties. How exciting right? Nothing cute or special. With a monthly subscription to Splendies you don’t have to worry, every month you will receive 3 pairs of  panties.

Opening my Splendies package!
Opening my Splendies package!

I received product to facilitate this post.

My 3 were perfect for me. I love comfort and wearing pretty underwear makes me feel good even though no one else knows.  So these underwear were a good balance. I did size up as is recommended by Splendies. Every one gets different Splendies each month. So yours wont be the same as mine.

’80’s Boy Shorts

Pair one these gray panties remind me slightly of the 80’s  they are 95% cotton and 5% spandex. These are wonderfully comfortable.  The boy shorts is one of my favorite cuts. They are my summer go to with a tank top for sleeping.'80's boy shorts

 Roses are Red

Pair two is pink roses. This pair is 90% polyester and 10% Spandex.  I love this print on these it is so soft and feminine.  The lace trim isn’t rough which is good because I hate itchy lace.Roses

 Lovely in Lace

Pair three is white lace with pink lace trim. This pair is 90% nylon and 10% spandex. These are pretty fancy looking and not a pair I would have picked on my own. They are pretty! They also have a cotton liner.LaceyEach month you will receive 3 pairs of undies ( You can opt to pay $2.00 more to not receive thongs) for only $12.00.  Right now with coupon code SPLENDIES. You can save $4.00 on your first month.  Making your 1st month only $8.00.  Shipping is FREE in the US. If you have curves you should check out their Volupties line.

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