We miss our built-ins on our entertainment wall at our previous home in Akron, OH…

picture of Custom Built-in Entertainment Wall

There is one thing that we really miss from our previous home that we HAVE to have in our current home, a built-in entertainment wall.  Once we bought our flat screen TV, we had to decide on a unit to hold it. We didn’t like anything available at the furniture stores and decided to design a custom built in for our family room. Before, the wall was a large, plain, and boring waste of space. There was nowhere to display anything, no character, and of course, no place for our TV. My husband sketched up a design that we thought we would like and we called Good Life Remodeling. They came out to the house to look at our space, our sketched up design, and offer great options to choose from. They listened to what we wanted and gave us great ideas to choose from. It was easy to remodel our family room.

In the end, we had a full wall of various sized shelves for displays, large area for our TV, glassed doors for all of our electronics (DVD, wii, receiver, etc), and a screened door for our sub-woofer. This was great because the built-in entertainment wall not only stored the electronics but it made it usable without opening any cabinets, etc.

The best part of the built-in entertainment wall for me as a mom was the large cabinets at the bottom for toys! Those cabinets could hold a LOT of toys. I love for my kids to have toys easily accessible but I don’t like to feel like I live in a Toys R Us! I loved that the toys had a place of their own, toy storage is a must in any family’s home. It was so convenient for the kids too.

Friends and family loved our custom built-in entertainment wall. People are drawn to it. We often had people tell us that they could use one of these in their own home. So, I thought I’d share on my blog about this great home feature.

picture of Custom Built-in Entertainment Wall

About custom built-in entertainment walls and built-in storage

Custom built-ins can turn non-functioning dead space into a usable, striking centerpiece. Not only will you create great storage space but you will create stylish places to display your favorite items. Finally, you could have a place for your books, decorations, your kids photos, kids artwork, or anything else you want to display. Built-ins are especially fun to update and decorate with the seasons and holidays.  I loved putting white lights on top of the crown molding at the top and down the sides of my built-in entertainment wall at our previous home.

Built-In Options

Options for custom built-in entertainment walls are endless. With Good Life Remodeling, it was easy. We selected what we wanted based on the function and style we desired. We then went on to decide on extras such as crown molding, shape of cut outs, size of shelves, etc. Like I said, options are limitless. Options can include cabinet style, choice of materials, cut outs, built in lighting, shelves of any style & sizes, places for electronics, trim work, stained or painted, special holders for wine, etc. The list could go on forever.

Built-ins add value to your home

Built-ins allow you to create amazing spaces at an affordable price. Built-ins can really turn a dull home into an extraordinary home. They really can set your house apart from others. Having a unique living space is not only good for you now but also when you decide to sell your home. Built- ins are like a furniture bonus for most buyers, it could be what sets you home apart from similar homes. We had many comments while selling our previous home on the custom built-in entertainment wall. People loved it.

Before and After pictures of home that added built-ins

I found these exceptional built-ins while searching the internet for my next custom entertainment wall. I like to print and clip before getting with Good Life Remodeling for my projects. The changes are remarkable! Of course, they also did a few other updates to the below rooms. By adding custom built-ins that match the style of the house, it adds a lot of character. The built-ins compliment the rest of the room while adding functionality and charm.

picture of custom built ins
A Wine-Lover's Dream!

The before picture on this last set isn’t horrible but the use of space after is amazing! The artwork and decor reflects the home owner’s sense of style in a way that could not be properly done without a built-in. You may think your space is fine but with built-ins, it could be Amazing!

Good Life Remodeling

Like I said, we used and recommend Good Life Remodeling for the incredible built-in entertainment wall from our previous home. We will be calling them again for an entertainment wall and I’d also love built-in seating. They have been updating and remodeling homes for more than 25 years in the NE Ohio area. Good Life Remodeling is a reputable, honest, customer oriented business, creating exciting renovations throughout the area at a fair price.

Check out their website to see a photo blog on many great projects. Good Life Remodeling specializes in:

Good Life Remodeling


Phone: 330.721.4628

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