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In Life there are all these little moments in life that we treasure.  Some of them so fleeting we can barely hold onto to moment before it’s gone. I love that we have photos to help remember but sometimes its not obvious in a photo why we took it! Now you can photograph those moments and know exactly why with Milestone™ Cards.


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From Pregnancy to the End of Baby’s 1st Year

I remember with my 1st pregnancy everything was so new to me. I attempted to photograph those moments  but look back at them and can’t be 100% why I took them. I wish I had Milestone™ cards to document such a momentous part of my life.  It goes beyond that with Milestone™, you can relish every moment and document it with beautiful artwork and write in the exact date! Cover your baby’s 1st year,1st smile, crawling, standing 1st birthday and more.

1st year

The Early Years 1-4 and more!

Since Scarlett is already one I selected The Early Years Card set by Milestone™ for her. I love the artwork it’s fun and playful perfect for cute photos and a wonderful way for me to track her development! This card set contains 30 cards that will be used between the ages of 1 and 4.  Scarlett recently started using a fork and spoon properly! I was so excited to whip out our Milestone™ cards and take few photos! I also got a pack of the Milestone™  mini cards. They are perfect for recording the funny things Kiernan says like how he told me when he grows up he wants to be a dinosaur! I am excited to record more of the moments that he shares his tiny words of “wisdom”! I could use these for Kelton too, they really are ageless.


Where to Buy Milestone™ Card sets?

Did I mention that Milestone™ makes cards in over 10 languages? They also over them in over 35 countries! Oh and they have a set made just for twins, and have recently added wedding and activity cards!  Retailing at $19 or $24 a set are available Direct from Milestone™ online here,  BuyBuyBaby, Barnes and Noble, Anthropologie, Nordstrom, and on Amazon via the link below!


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