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Almost 3 years ago, I was spending the majority of my time at home with my new baby while also building my career in my Financial Coaching business.

It was really the dream for me. We had prayed for a baby for so long. I was thrilled to be able to be home with her. I also love helping people take control of their money so it was so exciting to be working to grow my new business.

For some reason, though, I felt anxious or stressed, or both. (This very well could have been because I had a newborn and was starting a business! But I now know there was something more to it as well…)

The Career Direct Assessment

My friend, Stacy Knox, is a career consultant and uses the Career Direct Assessment in her consultations. In conversation with her I was intrigued to take the assessment. I knew that Financial Coaching was the career I wanted to be in. However, I was intrigued by the other elements in the assessment. It identifies your skills, abilities, personality, the environment in which you work best, and so much more.

I wondered if this could help me in identifying why I felt stressed. Especially since I was in a season when I was doing what I always wanted to do.

What I learned from the Career Direct Assessment

After taking the assessment and meeting with Stacy, she knew the biggest reason I was likely feeling the way I was. And that was because I am very extroverted which means I need PEOPLE to TALK to often. People energize me!

This was a huge light bulb moment for me. At the time I was home with my baby and working during naps. I was getting things started for my business (ie: business cards, website, forms, etc) My husband was also working very long hours during this time. All of this meant that I spent a lot of time at home, either caring for my daughter or working behind a computer.

Again, I need PEOPLE to TALK to. I wasn’t my best self because I was trying to do all of the things on my to do list but I didn’t have the energy because I was never around people and that is where I draw energy!

Obviously, I was around my baby but she couldn’t talk to me! I would talk to her and loved that! But I also need the interaction of being around other adults.

The Power of the Career Direct Assessment

The Career Direct Assessment is (as in the title) designed to help you in your career choice. However, I also see the power in helping you in your marriage, parenting, and overall in being the best version of yourself.

As a result of learning that I need to be around people, I have purposefully scheduled in time to meet my clients in person, meet with my business masterminds group, as well as personal time with friends! This is the perfect balance between being able to spend a lot of time with my daughter and still working my dream career of being a Financial Coach.

My husband also took the assessment and I was surprised how much that helped us in our marriage. As a result of understanding each other’s assessment, we were able to have conversations about how to handle things such as parenting and household chores.

There are many “personality assessments” out there today. Many of which have similarities to one another. In my opinion, the thing that sets the Career Direct Assessment apart is the focus on career and the ability to meet with someone like Stacy. She helped me understand what the assessment was telling me and how to make changes in my life accordingly.

If you are interested in learning more about the Career Direct Assessment, check out Stacy’s website.

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