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My husband started playing the video Game Portal and Portal 2 over the last couple of years.  He likes it because it’s a ‘first person shooter’, but, in this game, no one really gets hurt- so its AOK for kids to walk up behind you and ask what you’re doing, he doesnt have to say:

  • “um, no,. I’m not shooting Orks”,
  • “those are bad guys, I am supposed to shoot them”
  • or “it’s not blood, its ketchup”

That all said, its fun!  The premise of the game puts a somewhat sadistic ‘lab assistant’ running you through tests and puzzles like a mouse in a maze- you don’t get the whole picture of what’s going on, but you do know your life depends on it!  The lab in which this occurs is ‘Aperture Laboratories”..hence the title of my post and this review!

ThinkGeek.com offers a wide range of Portal related gifts.  From plushy robots to clothing, from square blocks to cake stickers, they have you covered!  Geeks, as you may or may not know, can love their video game and movie characters just as much as any sports fanatic can love a team.  It’s kind of the same thing, except, well, not really at all.

I had the opportunity to review a Aperture Labs work shirt!  Its quite hysterical, that a video game with a secret lab has a shirt of its own- and not a t-shirt type ‘fan shirt’, but more of a ‘hey, I REALLY DO work there, I’m a mechanic or elevator repair man in the building’ type thing.

Check out the official logo on this work shirt.  Looks official doesn’t it?  The fabric is a 4.25-ounce, 65/35 poly/cotton with soil release finish- so its very much like a mechanics work shirt.


Me wearing the shirt- in all my geeky pride that my husband goes gaga for.


I put a picture of this tag because, well, the shirt wasn’t made in China, or Indonesia, or in Singapore.  Certainly I like to buy American made- but this one says made in Haiti- the Haitian people could use the money more than we do – buy this shirt!

Buy Aperture Labs work shirt

You can buy Aperture Labs work shirt on ThinkGeek.com for $31.99-34.99.

This was not a paid post. My own opinions were used based on my perceptions and experience. Thank you to ThinkGeek.com who provided the product for review.

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