Living in Copley, Ohio- Now the 8 Death Gunman Tragedy

Since marriage, I consider Copley Ohio my home town.  Our first apartment was in Fairlawn, We bought our first house on Milan Avenue just inside Copley near Akron, our second home on the other corner of Copley, and we still attend church in town.  Copley is not where we live, but is in many ways home.  Last year, we almost bought a house just 100 feet from GoodEnough Avenue.

Tragedy in Copley

As I am sure you have read, a gunman killed 7 people and himself was killed in Copley yesterday morning (Find  the latest information regarding police putting together the crime scene here)

Its really quite unimaginable to know that this happened.  It’s senseless.  Being that one victim was 11 years old, and that at least one of the others attended Copley High School, the school system is going to be rocked again by yet another storm- this one infinitely more painful. (The Copley-Fairlawn school district is the same school district that caught national attention when authorities and courts jailed and tried local mom Kelley Williams-Bolar for sending her children to the district).

I am just shaken

There’s not much I can say, there’s not much I can do.  This tragedy is not a mark against the township, but just a man that, obviously cracked in some way, and the people who’s lives were lost, and those whose lives were torn apart.  I do not envy the tough chore of sorting through this mess- for those who were literally in the line of fire.  I am thankful for the people in the churches in Copley, Fairlawn, and West Akron who are blazing forward with help and support for the victims, the schools, and the neighborhood.  As a mom, you just want to protect your children- and to see some children snatched away from life – its heartbreaking.

Where in Copley was this shooting

Akron, OH 44320


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