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Some of you might find my writing a little format sometimes, with lots of repeated headings, and words that people don’t just say in normal conversation.  That’s because, well, I am trying to win visitors to my site from google and the like.  And there’s nothing wrong with that- although some mommy bloggers will scream and yell and say you’re supposed to be doing this for the love of your blog…. ya……

Anyway, I went and reviewed the last three months worth of search terms that visitors to this site entered to get to Akron Ohio Moms dot com.  This is September through November give or take a few days.   I had 11,292 search terms entered in that period- a lot of which were entered more than once.

I pulled out a selection that I found interesting, and that I could poke fun at.  That’s probably the exact wrong thing to do when you’re trying to INCREASE the readership of your blog (make fun of those coming to it) but, I just feel like sharing!  See below, again, these are phrases entered into the google search bar that led people to my site.

Keyword Terms with Bad Spelling

  • fureal friends pikchers – yes I have them
  • gaugle earth
  • can i cook a tofurkey without vedetables? – Only if you are a vedetarian
  • boon feeder
  • googlepouchee

Search Questions/Terms that I kinda answer in my blog, Kinda

  • do sefani schaefer and tracy mccool get along – Confirmed yes today on Fox 8 Morning Show as they talked about swapping shoes with eachother.
  • how do you eat tofurkey -I didn’t explicitly say FORK
  • how and when do i change time tonight – I do not do CLOCK SETTING instructions
  • akron sweater – Hmmm, Yes, Akron has stores..
  • mom’s wrinkle secret
  • tutus in akron ohio
  • akron food banks – I know, its hard out there…
  • what should i pack to visit cleveland – I usually take my yak, and three cans of beans
  • are there alligators in ohio
  • fine bingo halls in akron ohio 44313 – Glad they clarified and said FINE
  • how to get three children to play together
  • did blue fig in akron ohio close? – Went there once, hated it.

Search  Terms that are Scary

  • rubber mom – Akron = Rubber City, I get it, but…
  • picture of lodest lodest fireworks – Don’t you want a SOUND recording?
  • outdoor intimacy kit – Ouch!
  • webcam mommy
  • rubber mom
  • silk moms
  • rubber mommy
  • adult baby mommy in ohio
  • akron’s hottest mom
  • build bear moms
  • dirt is good moms
  • http;nylon moms
  • rubber clothes forum
  • get a date akron ohio
  • hot moms playing in the mud
  • (and then, there were others that I could NOT add here, this is a family blog!)

Search Engine Questions that I dare not answer

  • how do you make a front loader cake
  • how come i cannot connect to disney playhouse – Sorry, I will not fix your computer…
  • add a seat to my suv – – Sounds difficult, and I don’t think I blogged about that….
  • akron ohio 1/2 off gift – Cheapskate – if that’s all you care about it!
  • akron oh safari tour – Not that much wildlife here.
  • you will always be my soul teacher
  • all purpose flour crafts
  • best sweet potatos for ohio blog –– Pretty specific….
  • can u eat bendaroos – uh, no
  • dog washed my screen – what?
  • cutting a canker sore– Ouch

Keywords that are dumb questions:

  • does stuff mold on the moon – No
  • how to make a t rex out of bendaroo– No
  • is cedar point good for 1 year old?– No
  • do your crew socks fall down– No
  • how to explore your backyard– Open the door….
  • what is the mold on the cabinet floor– Its mold
  • what famous people eat tofurkey –– Will that help?
  • what does an alien in the mall think– ???

Keywords that are Random

  • bellyphone
  • ninja arena
  • mops = akron ohio
  • jimmy john’s punch cards – -HA!
  • the most random household costumes
  • win a free hotel room– We prefer to just borrow them….
  • old polish moms
  • two kids fight for a spring rider
  • lebron james in miami heat costume – – Thought that was a uniform….
  • childs frontloader
  • email 1/2 price fireworks –– Buy them via email?  Hmmm..
  • choo choo tutu
  • grannv mommy
  • excavator song – Oh wait, that’s next week’s post
  • child dirt quote
  • special forces vs ninja- – Kung Zhu gets me every time..
  • antique car– Have I written that much of old cars???
  • ancient alien vacations – – Ah yes, the Pyramids…?
  • all about station wagons book – – That goes next to my coffee table book about coffee tables
  • dont take your camera on cedar point rides – Sounds like someone had a problem….
  • funny pictures of aliens playing in the backyard– Oh ya, I had those, lost em
  • organic onesies blog– Kinda specific, no?

Did your key phrase make my list?  Did I insult you?  Sorry… Kinda…

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4 thoughts on “Search Terms that drive people to Akron Ohio Moms website

  1. Cindy says:

    Thought I’d share since I enjoy reading these daily. I also use the real ones to figure out what content people are searching for in order to get post ideas.

  2. Cindy says:

    I use Google Analytics, you can see every search term as well as referring sites. I like to know where my site traffic is coming from.

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