CleanFlame Firelogs are Environmentally Friendly and Family Friendly Firelogs

picture of CleanFlame Firelog in Flames

With the cooler weather here, there is nothing I enjoy more than a nice fire in the fireplace. My kids love the time spent around the hearth too. CleanFlame™ contacted me to review their Environmentally Friendly Firelog. Even though we live “in the woods”, we do regularly burn manufactured firelogs to get the fire started, when the wood is too wet, and just for convenience. When I heard that CleanFlame has environmentally friendly firelogs, I wondered how?

How are CleanFlame Firelogs Environmentally Friendly?

The entire firelog is made of 100% recycled material, that means it is material not filling up our landfills.  It produces 86% less Creosote  and 80% less Carbon Monoxide than oak firewood, plus it gives you 50% more heat than oak firewood.

picture of Clean Flame

CleanFlame is Family-Friendly

This doesn’t mean that you should leave your kids playing around the fireplace. My son Elijah would love it if that were the case. We are always reminding him not to get too close or throw anything into the fire.

How is CleanFlame family friendly? For starters, CleanFlame firelogs are made from safe, non-toxic materials. This means that it is safe for heating and cooking both indoors and outdoors, not so with competitors. S’mores anyone? Also, CleanFlame logs are better for both indoor and outdoor air quality. CleanFlame logs generate 86% less creosote, 80% less carbon monoxide, and 30% less particulate matter than natural wood. This is better for both indoor and outdoor air quality. If you have an asthma or allergy sufferer, using CleanFlame will be much easier on them too. Also, CleanFlame logs deliver a clean burn, they don’t melt, drip, or spark. Keeping your family safe is your job, however CleanFlame doesn’t mind helping.

CleanFlame is Environmentally Friendly

When using 100% recycled material firelogs from CleanFlame, you can feel good about knowing that forests were not stripped, the delicate rainforest ecosystem wasn’t impacted, and you are not adding to the outdoor air pollution. It is the responsible option for both indoor and outdoor fires.

So, just  how many trees does CleanFlame really save? How about 500 trees per 20 tons of cardboard recycled by them using their 100% recycled waxed corrugated boxes. What does that mean to you? When you buy 2 cases of CleanFlame firelogs, you are saving 1 entire tree. Pretty nifty, huh?

Hands on Review of CleanFlame

You can use CleanFlame with traditional firewood- and that’s what we have done with our samples- its an absolutely amazing fire starter.  But, I’m getting ahead of myself.

Lighting the firelog is pretty simple.  There is no fireplace prep, and you don’t even take the contained log out of its bag- you just burn the whole thing.  Flip up the seams, and light’em.  The fire log does NOT go up in flames immediately.  It’s a nice safe burn- so if you light the containing pouch before you drop it on your hearth grate- you won’t die. I could almost promise that…

picture of Instructions for Clean Flame
Instructions for Clean Flame

Elijah found the firelogs very interesting.  As with anything new, he wanted to know exactly HOW it works.  He got excited to see the two flames that we lit on both sides of the firelog meet in the middle.   I think he was hoping for an explosion… Alas….

picture of CleanFlame Starting
CleanFlame Starting

The bag peels away in the first 3-4 minutes of burning.  And what you have inside is compressed waxy cardboard – which kind of lights and peels back like a giant blooming onion, that, is on fire.  OK, it’s not that cool, but you can see the peels 🙂

picture of CleanFlame Fire Starting
CleanFlame Fire Starting

The below is after about 6-7 minutes.  It’s hot, and bright.  THIS is the time that, in other instances, we have started dropping our other logs on top- this saves all the hassle of getting kindling, paper, and hoping for the best.

picture of CleanFlame Firelog in Flames
CleanFlame Firelog in Flames

Buy  CleanFlame Firelogs

Being Green doesn’t mean spending more money. CleanFlame firelogs are less expensive than competitor’s non-green manufactured logs. You can buy CleanFlame firelogs nationwide. Find the nearest location on their location finder. In Akron, you can find them at Acme, Hawkins, and IGA.

This was not a paid post. My own opinions were used based on my perceptions and experience. Thank you to CleanFlame who provided the products for review.

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