Drink More Water for Better Health with Contigo #CONTIGO365

contigo water bottle

We all know the importance of drinking water. Water is essential to overall good health including digestion, circulation, healthy weight, healthy skin, energized muscles, kidney health, bowel function, and more.contigo water bottle

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Drink More Water for Better Health with Contigo

The easiest way to drink more water for better health is to keep water with you all the time.  Drinking bottled water isn’t good for a number of reasons including being bad for the environment, costly, and may contain toxins that seep out when exposed to heat.

The best solution is to purchase a water bottle like Contigo’s line. What I really like about Contigo is that their water bottles have a ton of really useful features like being spill-proof! This is important for anyone but especially kids.

Spill Proof Water Bottles for Kids

contigo water bottle

My kids take water bottles with them to school every day. We’ve had several accidents over the years with bottles that spilled. Thankfully it was on the return trip home and not much water was in the bottles and nothing go ruined. My kids refill their bottles at school, so having a water bottle that they can open, refill, and close again properly is essential.

The AUTOSEAL®  Kids Water Bottle is perfect for kids because this spill-proof water bottle has an autoseal button that locks your water tight.

Contigo Bottle

Pictured above, check out the clip on handle that can clip on bags if you don’t have a water bottle holder on your backpack. My son’s bag doesn’t have a bottle holder and he prefers to place the bottle in the inside pocket. I only trust Contigo with Autoseal to be in the same back as his school chrome book!Contigo Bottle

The AUTOSEAL water bottle is perfect for kids. It gives kids 20 oz of water in a spill-proof container. Many kids water bottles are much smaller, giving kids less water. I want my kids to drink more water, Contigo makes it convenient.

Drink more water by infusing with fruit, vegetables, and herbs

A common complaint for not drinking enough water is that water is boring.  By infusing water with fruit, vegetables, and herbs water quickly becomes full of flavor with no added calories! Drinking infused water is a great way to lose weight and be healthier. Check out the Contigo AUTOSPOUT Water Bottle with Infuser.

Contigo Water Bottle Review

There are so many recipes online to for infused water. Many claim to help you lose weight or detox. Personally, I feel like if you are drinking more water because it is tastier, you’ll lose weight because you are not drinking high calorie drink anyway.  I switch up fruit and veggies in my AUTOSPOUT water bottle all the time.

I love how this water bottle makes it easy to infuse water without the mess. Simply place your fruit in the bottom strained compartment and attach the body of the bottle to this. The fruit stays in the bottom but releases flavor up into the water.P1530942

This bottle also has a clip, making it easy to take with you wherever you go – hiking, work, biking, etc – it even is sized perfectly for cup holders in the car. It is also spill and leak-proof – something I’ve never seen with a water bottle with infuser! If it rolls on the floor of the car accidentally, there are no worries! (Yes, I’ve soaked my car floor more than once with other water bottles!)P1530955

Travel with water

Speaking of the car, having a quality water bottle while traveling is essential, especially on hot days. Nothing is worse than bringing water with you only to have it boiling lava hot when you return to the car! The Contigo AUTOSEAL Transit travel mug is designed for on-the-go hydration.

Contigo Water Bottle Review

What I love about this mug is that is keeps drinks cold up to 12 hours – it’s been a lifesaver this HOT summer! Or, if you take coffee with you in the morning, you can enjoy every single drop of hot coffee as it keeps drinks hot for up to 5 hours!Contigo Water Bottle Review

I also like that this travel mug has a CleanGuard lid to keep out dirt and germs when you aren’t using it. Plus, you can pick it up and drink from it one-handed with the autoseal technology. I don’t have to tell you how important one-handed operation is when driving! The spout opens with the push of a button – nothing complicated here. I love that it is sealed closed while driving or if I accidentally knock the cup over on my desk too.Contigo Water Bottle Review

There is no excuse for not drinking enough water when you have a quality water bottle with you at all times. Your health is really too important not to invest in a quality water bottle for you and your family. I encourage you to check out the Contigo line on their website and in stores. I found a nice selection at our local Target store this week.

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