Cottonelle’s Flushable Moist Wipes Give Kids Confidence

picture of Cottonelle's Flushable Moist Wipes

There are things in life that you should not skimp on, things that may seem simple but really make the difference. One thing added to my list of the good simple things in life are the Cottonelle’s Flushable Moist Wipes. When you add them to the soft, yet strong Cottonelle Toilet Paper, your life just gets a little better, especially if you have kids.

Cottonelle’s Flushable Moist Wipes have many uses like quick freshening up after a workout, handy wipes for messy hands in the car, and of course, extra cleanliness in the bathroom. The time after my kids went from diapers to pull ups to being potty trained was quit an adventure in trying to get them clean after using the toilet. How I wish I had these a couple years ago…

Regular wipes are not flushable, so they really aren’t an option. I for one don’t want used wipes in my bathroom garbage can. Cottonelle’s Flushable Moist Wipes are flushable.  I also want a wipe that I can trust with my septic tank. Cottonelle’s Flushable Moist Wipes are safe for sewer or septic.

picture of Cottonelle's Flushable Moist Wipes
Cottonelle's Flushable Moist Wipes

After potty training, I never thought about wipes for the bathroom, honestly the thought never crossed my mind. I like to try new things and ideas, so when given the chance to review Cottonelle’s Flushable Moist Wipes, I thought, why not?

We’ve been using the Cottonelle’s Flushable Moist Wipes in conjunction with the regular Cottonelle dry toilet paper for a week now. My kids are open to trying new things, which I am glad. The wipes are softer on little bottoms (all bottoms for that matter). Cottonelle’s Flushable Moist Wipes clean better than dry paper alone too, which is essential for everyone, but especially kids learning to handle bathroom matters on their own. Cottonelle’s Flushable Moist Wipes help young kids handle their own bathroom duties with confidence. The wipes lessen the need for mom to “check” to be sure they are clean when they start handling these duties on their own.

I can see how Cottonelle’s Flushable Moist Wipes could really help during our monthly times too, to feel clean all day long. Plus, during and after pregnancy with all the bathroom “issues” we have to face.

picture of Cottonelle Easy Reach Flushable Moist Wipes
Cottonelle Easy Reach Flushable Moist Wipes

For a limited time, Cottonelle’s Flushable Moist Wipes come with Cottonelle EasyReach™ hanger with Command™ brand strips from 3M. You can quickly and easily mount your wipes right alongside your toilet paper rolls. It is sturdy and keeps it off the back of your toilet tank for a cleaner look in the bathroom. The OneTouch technology allows you to access the wipes with one hand.

Cottonelle’s Flushable Moist Wipes Coupon

From now until September 1, 2011, you can receive a Cottonelle’s Flushable Moist Wipes Coupon for $1 off  by sharing “fresh rewards”at Go ahead and see how this simple thing can better your life.


I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour campaign by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Cottonelle and received product and a promotional item as a thank you for my participation.

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