Could the Best Organic Garden Fertilizer be Worm Castings?

It’s time to get outside and garden! How are your flower beds? Mine are already bursting forth – as are the weeds! Have you started your vegetable and fruit gardens? How is the soil? If your soil is like mine, it could use some nourishment. Here lies the question, what is the best organic garden fertilizer? I have tried various products, some very stinky! This year, I’m trying out Orcon Organic Control’s Earth Worm Castings. This is just one naturally organic product that Orcon carries for all of your organic gardening needs.

Orcon Worm Castings Organic Garden Fertilizer Review

When I first heard of Orcon Worm Castings Organic Garden Fertilizer, I crunched up my forehead and asked what? I had the similar response when I shoveled my first load into my flower bed.

picture of Shoveling Organic Earth Worm Castings
Shoveling Organic Earthworm Castings

I expected something smelly, slimy, and gross. It’s fertilizer, right? Well, Orcon Earthworm Castings are completely odorless and safe around kids and pets. Plus, it isn’t gross at all, it looks like dirt, because it sort of is super charged dirt.

How Earthworm Castings are made

We all know that earthworms are great for gardens. You can actually buy earthworms from Orcon. They loosen and aerate soil, create burrows to enable soil to hold water, etc.

Earthworms cultivate and feed by swallowing lots of soil. They digest the soil, extract the food value, and then expel the residue as worm castings. Worm castings are 5X richer than the top 6 inches of top soil! The worm castings are richer in nitrogen, phosphates, calcium, and magnesium than even the best top soil.

picture of Best Organic Fertilizer Earth Worm Castings
Best Organic Fertilizer Earthworm Castings

With earthworm castings, you don’t need artificial or chemical foods for your plants.

Back to Orcon Worm Castings Organic Garden Fertilizer Review

I used the Orcon Worm Castings in planting a new shrub in my garden that lacks good soil. It is really tough ground with very little top soil. Heavily laden with roots from the trees. I’m building up this flower bed each year with top soil and fertilizer. The worm castings start feeding my plants right away, however I won’t see the results until about 30-60 days, which is when my plants’ health should be optimal and luxurious looking.

picture of Orcon Earth Worm Castings
Orcon Earthworm Castings

I will also be adding some to my vegetable garden. Using an organic vegetable garden fertilizer is the only option for my garden. I’m really trying to provide my family with the healthier lifestyle. I started organic gardening last summer and it seems to be easier once I start taking steps like this.

So, could the Best Organic Garden Fertilizer be Worm Castings? It seems like a great option for me, I’ll check back with my garden results this summer and you can see for yourself.

Buy Orcon Earthworm Castings

You can buy Orcon Earthworm Castings on the Orcon website in 2 sizes: 1qt $10 and 2o pounds $39

This was not a paid post. My own opinions were used based on my perceptions and experience. Thank you to Orcon who provided us with the product to review.

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