Decrease Your Skin Cancer Risk with Sun Protective Clothing #SkinSmart

Sun Protective Clothing #SkinSmart

If you get 5 or more sunburns, your risk for melanoma doubles!Skin Cancer Foundation

Sun Protective Clothing #SkinSmartIs sunscreen enough? No, an average cotton t-shirt only protects your body from 7% OF UVA/UVB rays, that’s not much protection at all against skin cancer and signs of aging.  When you wear sun protective clothing, your getting 98% of UVA/UVB protection.

Whether you are playing your favorite sport, fishing, hiking, or even vacationing, spending hours in the sun puts you at higher risk of skin cancer.

The Skin Cancer Foundation recommends sun protective clothing as your first line of defense against the harmful UV exposure that can lead to cancer. Protect yourself with the only sun protective clothing that has received the Skin Cancer Foundation’s Seal of Recommendation.

Sun Protective Clothing
Coolibar Sun Protective Clothing

While we visited Disneyland earlier this summer, my husband reviewed a Coolibar outfit. Even in temps near 100 degrees, he stayed cool and protected his skin.

His moisture wicking sun protective shirt offered UPF 50+ protection while keeping him dry with the quick-dry performance technology.  The shirt even has an added quick dry mesh side and underarm area where increased air flow is a must in the heat or while working out. Sun Protective Clothing

My husband said the sun protective shorts were so comfortable and lightweight, yet it offered UPF 50+ protection.  The loose, comfortable fit was perfect for a long day in the intense California heat at Disneyland. The lightweight and breathable material kept him cool and dry all day. The pockets were even breathable.

Sun Protective Clothing

Another must for everyone is to wear a wide-brim hat to protect against the harmful sun rays. In fact, for every inch of hat brim you wear, it lowers your risk of skin cancer by 10%! My husband said it feels like he has shade no matter where he goes. A wide brim hat is crucial, especially while spending the entire day in the sun. (If you can avoid outdoor activity between 10am – 2pm, that is always best since that is when the sun’s UV radiation is the most intense!)

Sun Protective Clothing

My husband wears his wide-brim hat everywhere!

Sun Protective Clothing #SkinSmart

It amazes me how simple it is to protect yourself against something as scary as skin cancer. Before Coolibar, I had no idea that the harmful UVA sun rays could penetrate through my clothes and damage the skin’s thickest and deepest layer – the dermis! I thought we were safe if we used sunscreen against UVB rays. Of course you need to do both – sunscreen every 2 hours or more if sweating or swimming!

Sun Protective Clothing

Coolibar offers a fashionable selection of clothing for the whole family – men, women, boys, girls, and even baby.

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