Does your dog need moral support like ours?

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Are we the only house in the world with a crazy dog? A seriously freaked out by his own dog food kind of dog? Our dog waits all day to eat his dog food. We do give him our leftovers in his dog dish during the day but even without leftovers, he’ll wait all day until night time to eat. Then, he needs moral support to eat his dog food! Seriously! We have to stand near him and tell him its ok to eat!

This doesn’t happen every single night but way too often! Sometimes, he waits until after we are all in bed to eat. Then, he barks the “I’m afraid to eat my food” bark for our assistance. It’s really quite crazy.

I guess I’m ranting because he’s already on my bad side this week. On Monday, he decided it was a great idea to roll in something disgusting, slimy, and black out in the woods. We had to give him a bath. By Tuesday evening, I had to shampoo the carpets because it smelled like him! He had another bath with extra soap! Last night, I just cleaned the spots where he rolled in nasty stuff. He still smells! Any suggestions???

My husband just went downstairs to give him his moral support with dinner, at least I won’t have to wake up later to the “I’m afraid to eat my food” bark!

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1 thoughts on “Does your dog need moral support like ours?

  1. Allison says:

    my cat is like that. We have to be in the bathroom (where his dish is) for him to eat. he will come in the morning and be all over me til i go let him eat. And we have to stay in or near for him to continue eating. 🙂

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