Does Your Yard Boost or Harm Your Curb Appeal?

Does your yard boost or harm your curb appeal? If you are selling your house, this isn’t just for looks but could cost you thousands of dollars or the selling of your house. According to TruGreen’s new Lawn Lifestyles National Survey of America, 79% of homeowners believe that having a healthy yard contributes to the overall value of the house.  56% of home buyers admit that a good lawn warrants a higher price. Could your yard be harming the chances of your house even being shown?  Yes, according to National Association of REALTORS®, 71% say that curb appeal is important when choosing their home. 72% of people say that the first impression of a house takes just seconds – guess what they see first – your front yard!


I know that curb appeal is what sold my last two homes. The buyers told me so! We took extra care to have a healthy, green lawn as well as perfectly manicured and blooming flowerbeds.  I wanted our home to scream perfection from the moment they pulled into the driveway. I have been working with TruGreen through service and product reviews for the past two years and have noticed an incredible difference. I will work partnering with TruGreen again this season as we strive to keep the weeds out from the woods, strengthen our new grass, and venture into the woods that we plan to reclaim as the original yard. I will receive services in exchange for reviews and promotion this season.
Jason Cameron, licensed contractor and TV host shares insights on curb appeal.

TruGreen is the country’s largest lawn care company, caring for more than 2 million customers’ lawns, trees, and shrubs. They are committed to responsible lawn care and even offer natural services and sustainable practices. What I like most about TruGreen is that they tailor their services and products to your lawn’s needs. They are experts in lawns in your part of town and can design a plan that makes sense for your yard’s needs. I can’t wait to hear about what our plan is for this Spring and Summer!

For more information on TruGreen or to schedule an appointment for your home, check out the TruGreen website or TruGreen on Facebook.

This was not a paid post. My own opinions were used based on my perceptions and experience. Thank you to TruGreen who provided the services for review.

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