Dog Toys to Engage Your Pet Physically and Instinctively

WorldWise offers unique pet products that keep your pet engaged physically, emotionally, and instinctively.  They offer unique toys for cats and dogs. We received several dog toys to review with our puppy, Roxy from WorldWise.

Tricky Treater Dog Treat Toy

The Tricky Treater dog treat toy is an engaging toy that rewards your dog with hours of fun.

P1050987Simply place small crunchy treats into the Tricky Treater. You set the amount of space open to allow treats to easily come out or to be more tricky. P1050990Roll the ball on the ground and your dog will chase after the ball and enjoy the treats that come out. It didn’t take long for our puppy, Roxy to figure out that the more she moves the ball, the more treats come out.
P1050993This is a great way to give your pet treats that also encourages play.

Bottle Buddy Water Bottle Dog Toy

The Bottle Buddy water bottle dog toy holds up to 4 plastic bottles. Dogs love the crunchy, crackly sounds the bottles make. P1050897The Bottle Buddy dog toy is a “prey play” toy that minics the sound and movement of natural prey. It helps fulfills dogs desire to pursue, catch, and carry prey. Roxy is part Rodecian Ridgeback which are hunting dogs. She is a hunter, catching chipmunks in the woods all the time. Maybe this is why she loves this toy so much!


Scents of Security Dog Blanket

If you are crate training your puppy or dog, or leaving your puppy at a kennel, give them something to soothe them, give them a Scents of Security dog blanket.  This blanket has a zippered pocket, place your well worn t-shirt, socks, or other item that will smell like you inside. Zip it up and put it in her crate.  Smelling you will help your dog feel more calmed and reassured.
We used the Scents of Security dog blanket during her recent overnight stay at Sit Means Sit. This is where Roxy was trained to be the loveable, obedient dog she is today, read all about our Sit Means Sit training. They also offer dog boarding in Copley, Ohio.  The Scents of Security dog blanket made me feel even better about leaving her in their good hands. She didn’t destroy it either, so she must have liked it to snuggle with.


This was not a paid post. My own opinions were used based on my perceptions and experience. Thank you to Worldwise who provided the tickets for review.

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