How Sit Means Sit Dog Training Transformed Our Family Life

Dog Training in Cleveland Akron

I have never had a well-trained or behaved dog. Our first dog, Arnold was always a gentle dog but only listened when he wanted. Our puppy, Roxy is a spoiled little girl that wouldn’t come, sit, stay, or walk with a leash, instead she wanted to jump on people, bite hands, and run free! 🙂

Our cute little puppy quickly reached 50 lbs, it became harder and harder to keep control of her. Her endless supply of energy would lead her to jumping up on people, on furniture, and even knocking down our children. When we tried to take her for a walk, she would pull so hard on the leash that she was choking herself and pulling our backs out of place.

Dog Training in Cleveland Akron

We were pleased to meet Paul Pollock with Sit Means Sit of Cleveland Akron last year. He provided training for Roxy in exchange for our honest feedback through a series of posts.  Paul was certain that he could train Roxy to become a well-behaved and happy member of our family. Honestly, I had high hopes but didn’t really expect my excitable puppy to ever stop pulling on the leash, jumping up on people, or to come inside the house when I commanded. Sit Means Sit is an award winning dog training service in the Cleveland Akron Area, I knew I could trust them.

Paul came out for a free assessment, the same service they offer everyone to evaluate your dog and family’s needs. Within minutes, he had Roxy listening to him and in a much more calm state. We were amazed and ready for more!

Dog Training in Cleveland Akron

We took Roxy to the Sit Means Sit facility in Copley, OH for dog training school. This 1 week training is perfect for busy families that want their dogs trained. The highly qualified trainers work with your dog multiple times daily in their beautiful facility. It was like a doggie vacation for Roxy to play with other dogs for a week – although it wasn’t all fun and games. She learned many, many commands including sit, place, and heel to name a few – all with the distractions of other dogs, people, and changing environments indoors and outdoors.  We couldn’t believe the transformation!

roxyatsmsOver the course of the months to come, we will show you with photos and videos how Sit Means Sit has transformed Roxy into a well-behaved member of our family. I’ll be specifically addressing my core areas of concern which were leash walking, jumping on people and the embarrassing dog mounting issue in upcoming articles.

Here are a few short videos that immediately show you the difference Sit Means Sit made in Roxy and thus, our family life. Below is a video of my husband walking Roxy on a typical walk before the training – notice how she is taking him for a walk, pulling with all her might.

See the difference on the day we picked Roxy up from Sit Means Sit training facility. Notice the look of disbelief on my husband’s face at the end of the video! We just can’t believe how well behaved she is after just 1 week!

Just one week later, we took Roxy on a walk to a park with many distractions including other dogs, people, and abounding nature. See how well Roxy does with her sit and place command.

Family Life Transformation

What I would like to relay in this post is how a week with Sit Means Sit has totally transformed our family life with Roxy. Now, it is an enjoyable experience for us all, Roxy included. She now knows here limits and boundaries. She knows what is expected of her and what is not acceptable. It is incredible knowing that when I call her to come, she will come every time – no matter what the distractions or how far in the woods she is.

When we take a walk, it is fun for everyone. We don’t have to hold her back when we meet other dogs on the path, we now have the good dog that can heal. Our backs, arms, and hands aren’t hurting after every walk now because she doesn’t pull on the leash – and she’s not choking herself.
If you would have told me how vastly improved our home life would be after a week of training with Sit Means Sit, I wouldn’t have believed you. I wouldn’t have believed that my puppy that is full of energy could harness that energy and obey when commanded. Now, I have a happy puppy that obeys and doesn’t hurt those around her. We have even more fun playing together as a family now because we aren’t afraid she will knock our kids over, mount them, jump up on them, etc.

Our friends and family cannot believe Roxy is the same dog that they once knew. She is still the happy, fun puppy that she has always been but now she is so well-behaved!

I have many more cool pictures and videos – both before and after – that I can’t wait to share with you but they will have to wait until my next post. Stay tuned, Beth will be sharing her experience with Sit Means Sit next with her older dog and puppy.

Sit Means Sit Dog Training in Cleveland-Akron
1062A Jacoby Rd
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1062A Jacoby Rd
Copley, Ohio 44321

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This was not a paid post. My own opinions were used based on my perceptions and experience. Thank you to Sit Means Sit Cleveland-Akron for their ongoing relationship with Check out all of their dog training in Cleveland Akron area options on the Sit Means Sit website.

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