Do Not Let Unplanned Home Hazards Spoil the Season

How safe is your family this Christmas season? Amidst the hussle and bussle of Christmas parties, decorating, shopping, baking, and general busyness, homeowners tend to be less cautious resulting in a peak of household hazards and preventable damages. Don’t let unplanned home hazards spoil the season!

This is a sponsored conversation for Allstate.

Allstate data shows that home fires increase by 15% and theft by 7% during the holiday season. There are preventable measures that each of us can do to protect our families and prevent home safety risks.

Prevent Home Fires

There are many holiday traditions that increase the risk of home fires, thus the 15% increase in home fires during the holidays.

Prevent Fires during Christmas

  • Fireplace safety
    • Get your chimney swept by a professional
    • Keep flammable items at least 3 feet away from fireplace
    • Keep Christmas Tree away from fireplace
  • Candles
    • Never leave candles unattended or near flammable items
    • Median cost for candle-related claim is nearly $50,000!
  • Christmas trees
    • If you have a live tree – keep watered so less likely to catch fire
    • If you have an artificial tree- make sure it has a flame resistant rating
    • Never leave Christmas tree lights on when unattended
    • Median cost for Christmas tree-related claim is over $100,000!
  • Frying turkey
    • Never fry inside, on deck, or in garage
    • Never fry a frozen turkey
    • median cost for turkey fryer-related claims is almost $29,000.
  • Fireworks
    • Use caution with fireworks during New Year’s Eve
    • Median cost for Fireworks claim is $14,000

Prevent Home Theft

Home theft increases by 7% during the holiday season. There are easy ways to protect your family and home from seasonal buglers.

Prevent theft during Christmas

  • Keep gifts out of plain sight at home by closing the curtains when not at home and by storing in trunk while shopping
  • Do not have delivered packages left outside your front door, it draws attention to valuable gifts and holiday spending
  • Keep a radio or TV on during the day or anytime you are away from home to appear that someone is home.
  • While overnight traveling, have a neighbor watch your home and get your mail. Keep lights on timers. Dark homes are prime targets.

Check out more statistics on increased claims by Allstate.ALLSTATE_holidayhazards_webOptimized

During the holidays, our routines and behaviors change. Be sure to pay extra attention to the above details while celebrating with family, cooking new and elaborate meals, and hosting parties. Find out more information and helpful tips on the Allstate website. Allstate can give you the peace of mind to better protect the people and things that matter most to you. Call (888) 396-3895 to get a quote for your family’s needs.

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This is a sponsored conversation with Allstate. My own opinions were used based on my perceptions and experience.

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