Dream Water – A Natural Solution to Sleepless Nights

If you have trouble sleeping, you are not alone.  Recent research shows that more than 60% of adult Americans report having difficulty sleeping at least a few nights a week.  Those are not good statistics, and unfortunately, I am part of that 60%.  I’d love to find a way to help me get the sleep I want and need.  But if you are like me, the idea of taking medicine to help you sleep is not very appealing.  Then I heard Dream Water – an all natural, zero calorie sleep aid. I thought it was worth checking out.

How Does Dream Water Work?

Dream Water is a blend of 3 natural sleep enhancing ingredients:

  • GABA brings on relaxation
  • Melatonin helps to regulate sleep cycles and induce sleep
  • 5 HTP encourages relaxation and sleep

Dream Water says that once you drink it, you should fall asleep within 20-40 minutes – all without medicine.

It comes in 2 convenient sizes:  an 8 ounce size that comes in Lullaby Lemon and I Dream of Kiwi flavors, and a 2.5 ounce “shot” size that comes in Lullaby Lemon and Snoozeberry flavors.  We reviewed the 2.5 oz. shot size in both flavors.

photo of dream water shots
Shot Size Dream Water

Our Experience with Dream Water

I have to start by telling you that my husband was totally skeptical of whether or not Dream Water would be effective.  I was just hopeful that it would help me on those occasional nights when I just can’t turn off my brain and fall asleep.   We tried the Snoozeberry flavor first, and it ended up being our favorite flavor.  The taste reminds me of any of the fruit-flavored waters on the market right now.  It was slightly sweet and tart at the same time, and was pleasant tasting.

Much to my husband’s surprise and my delight, we both peacefully drifted off to sleep that night, and slept straight through until morning.  The bonus?  No groggy feeling the next morning like some sleep medications.  We tried it several other times, with similar results.

What I Like Best About Dream Water

  • When I have taken sleep medications, I don’t like the foggy, “out of it” feeling they give me when falling asleep and waking up.  I didn’t feel that with Dream Water.  Dream Water’s website still encourages you to be sure to “dream responsibly,” being careful not to drive or operate machinery while taking this product.
  • I love the packability (is that even a word?) of the 2.5 shot size of Dream Water.  I have a very hard time sleeping in hotels while on vacation.  I’m excited to take Dream Water with me on our next trip.  No more tossing and turning for nights on end.  And, the small size means it can even be packed in a carry-on case and pass airport security.
  • It’s all natural and calorie free.

Buy Dream Water

You can buy Dream Water on their website, or at local retailers like Walmart, Walgreens, GNC, and K-Mart.  On-line companies like Amazon.com, and Drugstore.com also carry Dream Water products.  You can also find out more about Dream Water on their Facebook page.

Win Dream Water (Cl0sed)

Dream Water is generously providing 1 lucky AkronOhioMoms.com reader with 2 six packs of the Dream Water Shots – one Lullaby Lemon flavor, and one Snoozeberry flavor.  $40 value

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This was not a paid post. My own opinions were used based on my perceptions and experience. Thank you to Dream Water who provided the products for review and giveaway.

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