Dyson DC59 Makes Housework Quick and Easy

Does your vacuum suck? Mine does but it’s a Dyson so great suction is expected! I love my Dyson, it’s  a life saver, but I am so excited about the newest Dyson.  Have you seen the Dyson DC59? In addition to it being in my favorite colors, IT IS CORDLESS!

Remember the dust-busters of the past? They mounted to the wall and were so easy to use but, Dyson has taken dust busting to a new level.

Dyson DC59 in box

Dyson DC59 Digital Motor Power

Dyson’s DC59 has 3x’s the suction of any other cordless vacuum. It has a digital motor that is small, light and more powerful then most motors. It offers 350 watts of powerful suction.  When you use the max mode you get 6 minutes of  increased suction. So you can clean up even the biggest of messes with ease. Remember no cord here, nothing to get tangled or have to wrap up!

Dyson Out of the box

Cleaning Up with Dyson DC59

The DC59 Motorhead offers 24 minutes of cleaning time. The DC59 offers a Li-ion NMC(nickel manganese cobalt) battery. It charges quickly and I can cover a lot of ground in the 24 minutes of cleaning.  I love that emptying the bin is quick easy and NOT messy.  Simply push the button while holding the canister of the trash and dump the dirt! The brush bar has stiff nylon bristles and carbon fiber filaments, to clean both ground in dirt and fine dust. Check out my quick video of my DC59 cleaning up after our puppy.

 Charging the Dyson DC59

The docking station mounts easily to the wall (hardware not included). Doug had ours mounted to the wall in mere moments. Not only does the DC59 dock to the mount as do the accessories.  So I am not worried about misplacing them.

wall mount

Dyson DC59 is Easy to Use

Did I mention the DC59  is also less then 5 pounds?!  It’s so light weight and easy to use for vacuuming the curtains, stairs, air vents and more. The center of gravity is at the grip, it’s actually made to be easy to use up high, down low, and everything in between.

Easy to use

I love using my DC59 motorhead and I am sure you will too.



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