Easy Guide to Men’s Summer Fashion

What’s there not to like about summer? You have the sunshine, the opportunity to go to beaches, explore the outdoors, and get that bronze skin you so much desire. And did we mention barbecues? Make sure your guys look good with this easy guide to Men’s summer fashion. Whether you are keeping your husband dapper or your teen son looking sharp, send them the link to this post!

Easy Guide to Men’s Summer Fashion

As the temperature rises, there is a need to shed your layers and dress more appropriately for the summer heat. Unlike cold weather, summer dressing can be a bit challenging. Looking stylish is a lot easier when the temperature drops.

Your primary concern when dressing up in summer is to stay cool. You definitely don’t want to come down with heatstroke. But looking good is almost as important as staying cool and there’s no reason why you can’t achieve the two.

Whether you want to appear athletic, rugged, edgy, or even something in between, you’ll find essential summer style essentials below. Never again gall into a summer style rut. Here we go.


Chances are that shorts pop into your head whenever you think of summer dressing. And you are right to think about shorts as they will serve you well for several smart casual summer situations. There are several classic men’s shorts available on the market. So, there are a lot of options to choose from.

When it comes to shorts, your best bet is to aim for those that aren’t too long or too short. Of course, the inseam length will depend on your build. As a rule of thumb, your shorts should end just above your knees and be form-fitting.

From cotton/chino shorts to jean shorts, and sweat shorts, you can achieve any look you want. Chino shorts keep you cool and fashionable, jean shorts can make you look more edgy, and sweat shorts are great at battling summer heat. Remember to avoid overly baggy and long choices. You want to look stylish and not like you jumped out of your dad’s 70s basketball photos. And a nice shirt is all you need with shorts to achieve a stylish casual look.


Summer shirts can be a bit tricky. But a simple approach is to keep them light since the weather is hot. Go for natural fibers over synthetic ones. This is because synthetic materials have moisture more than natural ones. Also, synthetics are less breathable and restrict sweat dispersion. Cotton is a good natural material that reigns supreme when it comes to summer style.

Chambray shirts should be in every man’s summer wardrobe as they are stylish and breathable. Linen shirts are also great as they are effortlessly stylish, breathable, strong, and quick-drying. Seersucker shirts are another great option. They keep the body cool while coming in several aesthetically pleasing designs, like wearing Naruto ramen shirts.

We can’t talk about summer shirts without mentioning t-shirts. They are very versatile, lightweight, and comfortable. Be sure to buy t-shirts with some substance. No graphic t-shirts with awful jokes. Stripes and solid light tees are very fashionable and should be part of your arsenal.

You don’t have to go overboard with designer t-shirts. There are several stylish inexpensive tees on the market. But if you have the budget for designer tees and want them, then go all out for them.


You may think, “it’s summer, why are we talking about pants.” But pants also have their place in summer fashion especially when the temperature hasn’t exceeded 80 degrees. Beyond that, shorts are all the rage.

Ideally, summer pants should combine fit with fabric as this allows them to keep you cool by dispersing heat without limiting movement. Loose-fitting trousers made from cotton or linen meet these criteria. However, your wardrobe should also have a couple of weather-friendly pants for breezier days or nights outs.

You should replace jeans with chino pants in summer. And while khaki and blue are the most common colors for chino pants, don’t shy away from more expressive shades. Linen pants, especially those blended with cotton, provide a tantalizing combination of comfort and style. And if you are not ready to give up your jeans despite the rising temperature, go for lightweight jeans.


You already know what to look for in summer shoes – style and comfort. Light colors work well with the high temperatures and materials like canvas will help keep your feet dry and comfy.

Low-top white sneakers are a great choice for summer footwear and they are here to stay. Combining them with bright colored shirts and shorts/pants is a definitive recipe for success.

Boat shoes also combine well with almost anything. White and black are universal colors that work. However, you should also try other colors and combine them with the right outfits.

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