I am Guilty. I am Polluting the Earth. EasyLunchBoxes Review

What do I use to keep the leftover chicken pieces from last night’s dinner?

Disposable bags.

What do I use to compartmentalize the bulk ground beef and store them in the freezer?

Disposable bags.

What did I use to pack my family’s lunches most of the time?

Disposable bags.

Got it?

Yes, I am guilty. 

What else can I do to save the earth besides recycling the grocery bags into trash bin liners?  I pack my family’s lunch in a bento style lunch box.

Bento what?

Bento is a home-packed meal/box lunch, usually single served.  Bento usually comes in a square box with multiple compartments.   Bento lunches are not only common in Japanese culture; they are also widely used in other places, such as Hawaii, Philippines, Indonesia, and Korea.  Bento lunches are gaining its popularity in the United States.   I have seen many bento moms come up with different ideas to pack their kids’ lunches (Google it!), not only to make kids enthusiastic about eating good healthy homemade meals, it is to save the earth by using eco-friendly lunch boxes.

What is my lunch box brand recommendation?

It is EasyLunchBoxes.   The company was founded by a mom Kelly Lester and the host of the new musical series “Let’s Do Lunch”. EasyLunchBoxes is the #1 selling lunch boxes in Amazon.com.  I know we are still a few months away from school starting, but please consider getting EasyLunchBoxes.  They are eco-Friendly, with no BPA, Lead, Vinyl or PVC.    What I love about the EasyLunchBoxes is that the containers are stackable, which makes it easy to store in the refrigerator.  Matching food bags are now available for sale.  The products come with vibrant colors (Pink and Orange color lunch containers were newly added).  The food bags have a sturdy base inside and allow you to put your lunch containers in flat (not sideway) assuring that when you open it, your meal still looks as good as when you packed it.

EasyLunchBoxes Video

Easy LunchBoxes are sturdier than flimsy and disposable container.  See it here.

EasyLunchBoxes Dimension

The lunch box comes with three compartments (The dimension of the lunch box is 9.38″ x 6.1″ x 2″, with one large section (portion size: approximately 2.5 Cups, Smaller section: portion size: approximately 3/4 cup, Smallest section : portion size: approximately 1/2 cup).

My Simple Math Attempt to Save the Earth

Since EasyLunchBoxes come with three compartments, which is the magic number of how many disposable bags I use to pack lunches per family member.

So, count with me.   There are three people in the family that bring packed lunches to school/work.  3 disposable bags for each family member per day. We have  20 school/work days in a month. My family alone uses at least  3 x 3 x 20=180 disposable bags per month. By switching to EasyLunchBoxes, there are  180 less disposable bags being piled into the landfill by my family alone.   If a quarter of America’s population  is doing this disposable bag reduction,  can you imagine how many less disposable bags we use in a year for just packed lunches alone?    Wow.

Where can I buy EasyLunchBoxes?

EasyLunchBoxes online store and Amazon.com. Food Containers Set of 4 is $13.95 and a matching food carrier is $7.95.

Win EasyLunchBoxes (Closed)

Updated: 8/12/11 Winner Announced: Congratulations, Vee.

EasyLunchBoxes is giving one lucky AkronOhioMoms.com winner a set of EasyLunchBoxes set (4 containers) and a matching lunch box carrier. ($22 value)

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This was not a paid post. My own opinions were used based on my perceptions and experience. Thank you to EasyLunchBoxes who provided the product for giveaway.

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