ECHOage Your Birthday Party

Get great gifts.  Give to charity.

The topic of kids’ birthday parties stirs up a great deal of conversation – even controversy.  Whether you love them or hate them, a few facts about birthday parties remain:

  • Birthday bounty can overwhelm
  • Kids are naturally generous at heart
  • Birthday party planning and attending needs simplifying to meet the needs of today’s busy families

Our “aha” moment arrived when we realized that by creating an online birthday service that collects contributions instead of the dreaded Saturday afternoon shop for birthday presents, that we could actually help families give more and do less. ECHOage gives kids a chance to get the gifts of their dreams while instilling the joy of giving at a very young age.

The process is simple: guests contribute online, kids split their birthday bounty in two – half for gifts and half for charity.

You don’t need to look far to see the impact that kids have already had when they ECHOage their birthday parties.

Meet Jack.  For his 9th birthday he got an IPod Touch and Grassroot Soccer got $157.

Another shining example of kids in action:

Meet Ben and Lily. At age 5, Ben got a drum set, Lily got a Ukelele and Nourish America got $214!

Instilling the joy of giving at a young age is a huge reward for us. Giving kids an opportunity to get the gifts that they otherwise might not have had a chance to get is certainly icing on the cake.

As two moms who know what it is like to mange busy schedules. We designed ECHOage to help birthday party planning a breeze at every step of the way.  From personalized invitations and thank you notes, allergy information, awards to thank kids for their generosity and of course, an effortless way to track invitations and contributions to other ECHOage parties.

If you love the idea of ECHOage but your birthday party is months away.  Don’t worry, ECHOage has you covered. We
will remind you to ECHoage your birthday with time to spare.

Yours in celebration,
Alison and Debbie Co-Founders

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