Electromagnetic Radiation Protection with Pong iPad Cover

Santa was very good to us this year and brought us an iPad2 for our family to enjoy!  I had lots of friends and some family members with young children tell us that their kids LOVED playing with their iPad using educational apps and games, they were right!  J-Girl and T-boy love it!  We had to put the iPad up high because J-Girl would find it and start playing with it without me knowing!

While I am glad that the kiddos are enjoying the new gift I was very worried about all the radiation exposure that would be near the kids (us too) from the device.  We knew that not only would we need a cover to protect our new device from little hands but also protect us from harmful electromagnetic radiation (EMR).

Did you know that a article published recently in the scientific journal, Electromagnetic Biology and Medicine, reports that children absorb twice as much radiation from cell phones and other devices as adults do and more than FCC guidelines permit.  Most vulnerable areas affected by EMR are a child’s brain, eyes and bone marrow, which can absorb as much as 10 times the amount of radiation an adult’s body does. SCARY! There are many iPad covers on the market but only one that I now trust to keep us safe.

Introducing the company Pong and their products:

The Pong® Research Corporation is an environmental health, safety, and wellness company that provides science-based solutions to protect consumers who use cellular telephones and electronic devices such as tablets from high exposure to electromagnetic radiation (EMR). Even though the Pong case might look like every other case on the market, let me assure you that their products are leaps and bounds above all the rest!

Faux black leather cover is aesthetically pleasing with a soft microfiber lining inside to protect your valuable device!

6 Things I love about the Pong iPad 2 case:

  • has a thin sleek design that aesthetically pleasing with still being very functional
  • the soft faux leather cover can be folded into multiple configurations for viewing and as a stand (vertical and horizontal)
  • the cover has smart technology to put your iPad 2 in sleep mode when closed and turn on when open….great for saving battery life
  • the case protects our heads and bodies from unnecessary radiation exposure
  • Pong is the only cover solution that has proven to reduce SAR up to 95% below the FCC limits
  • affordably priced between $49.99 – $99.00…but I say it is worth millions since it will protect my loved ones!
    The Pong iPad2 case, functional and versatile with 4 positions for viewing device

Other Pong cases available:

Besides having iPad and iPad 2 covers there are also Pong smart phone covers as well! There are covers for the iPhone, Blackberry and Andriod smartphones.  Please see their website to see the various styles and colors available, to watch a instructional video and to place an order.  You can also find Pong on facebook.

Pong has a wide selection of smart phone covers designed for iPhone, Blackberry and Android devices

With so many people relying on electronic devices for everyday communication and living I really do think that these Pong products are very important for our children and families.  Don’t get me wrong, I love to check my facebook and emails throughout the day…but I also want to keep my body safe from radiation that can become harmful, even deadly.  I urge you to check out these products and research how to keep electromagnetic radiation (EMR) away from your loved ones while they talk on the phone, play their favorite game or watch their favorite YouTube videos on their electronic devices!

This was not a paid post. My own opinions were used based on my perceptions and experience. Thank you to The Pong Research Corporation who supplied the product for me to review.

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