Ultimate Foot Circulator Electrotherapy Pain Relief

Feet take all of the brunt that the Planet Earth has to offer.  They take the hit, with every step, for the team (the team being your whole body, Captain).

7 Miles a day times your weight and a billion steps means a lot of pressure on your sweet toesies!

My husband’s feet are not in the best repair.  He broke a toe (outside left metatarsal ) bone this past summer and according to our beloved Podiatrist, Doctor Nixon in Stow, it won’t be fully healed until New Years.

When I saw this stunning Ultimate Foot Circulator – from Carex Brands, I knew we had to try it out.  They sent me a unit to try out, and share my experience with you, oh reader.


What Ultimate Foot Circulator does: Electrotherapy! Electrotherapy!  Your muscles and circulatory system are treated with tiny electric currents that get your blood moving!   This increase in blood circulation and the reduction in swelling in feet and ankles makes your feet #1 feel WAY better, but #2, you might just find your now NON-swollen feet will fit into shoes that you’ve regarded recently as too tight!!

Why does it look like the Startship Enterprise: We don’t know but it’s a great ride!

AccuRelief Foot ElectroTherapy Pads

If you frequently wear high heels- your circulation is likely poor- this device will help you feel better.

This powerful device delivers more power than I am willing to try out.  The settings on the device go up and up, but I’ve stopped trying it at the 40% level, because my feet BUZZ! :)  The unit comes with many settings, programs, and can be adjusted with your toes- which to me is better than the remote because you won’t lose the whole thing.

As a bonus, this device comes with additional pads that you can use to use INSTEAD of the foot pads to get circulation going in other parts of your body. I’ve honestly not tried that out yet because, well, feet are the target!


So what does electrotherapy FEEL LIKE?

At the first level when you turn on the device, there is no feeling at all.  Which is wonderful for a scaredy-cat like me.  As you progress upwards to level 10, you start to feel a small tingling in the bottom of your feet.  At 20 your whole feet get to feel the tingle, and when you get up to 40, you may feel it in your ankles and possibly in your calves.

The feeling is not painful at all, just surprising, and a little exhilarating.

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You can purchase your own AccuRelief™ Ultimate Foot Circulator  on the Carex website for $262.49 or from Amazon at the best price available.

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