Fabric Softener + Kid + FIRE = Child Endangerment

Do you buy flame retardant pajamas for your kids because they are flame resistant? Do you use liquid fabric softener on your kids pajamas? If so, you are endangering your child if there is a FIRE. Did you know that by using traditional liquid fabric softeners on your kids pajamas, pajamas are no longer flame resistant.

As a Purex Insider, I get all the latest information on Purex products to share with you. I’m happy to announce that  Purex offers the only safe liquid fabric softener for kids pajamas with the Purex Complete Crystals. You can have soft clothes and safe kids.

Are you endangering your child without even knowing it?

If you use traditional liquid fabric softener, you are making your kids pajamas flammable. Traditional liquid fabric softeners contain oils, up to 20%! This oil is flammable. Your kids flame-resistant pajamas can no longer product your child when the oils from traditional fabric softeners are on them.

The only fabric softener safe for flame retardant clothing

Purex offers the only Fabric Softener that will protect your child from fire by keeping the pajamas flame resistant. Purex Complete Crystals are not made of oil, they are made up of 92% natural crystals. Purex crystals do not interfere with flame resistant clothing.

picture of Protect your kids from Fire with Purex
Protect your kids from Fire with Purex

Click here to see a video on how traditional liquid fabric softener is endangering your child in case of FIRE.

Purex Complete Crystals is like no other fabric softener. The crystals go into the washing machine at the beginning of the cycle so it has ample time to soften and freshen up your clothes. When I use the crystals, clothes come out fresh and softer every time. Purex Complete Crystals dissolve 100% in water. By the end of the cycle, the softener is washed away. You are left with soft clothing, not slick oiled clothing.

I am a Purex Insider and help spread the word about the Purex® family of laundry products. As an Insider, I receive sample product and incentives in exchange for participating in brand related activities.

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6 thoughts on “Fabric Softener + Kid + FIRE = Child Endangerment

  1. Kenia Haro says:

    I am doing a science fair project on this topic and this information was very useful, thanks. 🙂

  2. Morela says:

    Wow, that’s scary stuff. I have to really look into it. My husband love fabric softener and uses it religiously on his uniforms. That may not be a good idea because he works with machinery all day.

  3. Karen says:

    Side note…the flame retardant chemical itself may pose a health risk. It’s very confusing when you research it but the products used have many health risk studies done.

    Good news is that only in polyester or blends should have the chemical and the “flame-retardant” statement. Clothing made of natural fibers are naturally flame retardent. The best suggestion is to look for all cotton/organic or cotton/modacrylic blends (safe too) and the phrase “not flame retardant-wear snug-fitting.”

    Best advice is to have a working fire alarm that detects smoke as well as fire.

  4. Cindy says:

    Don’t worry, Kelli! If you check the tags on your kids pajamas, you will most likely see that they are in fact flame resistant. It is the law. 🙂 Glad to have a new follower though! Check out the link above for more information on benefits of Purex.

  5. kelli says:

    i didn’t even know there was such thing as flame retardant pajamas! ah, i must be the world’s most terrible mom. i am now following for my child’s sake. 🙂
    i’m visiting from blog hop network. come check out my site.

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