10 Jobs That Hire at Age 16

If you want to find a job young, here are ten industries that are hiring those 16 or over. Find the perfect place to begin your career and gain experience 

Getting job experience early on in life has nothing but benefits. You can see what working a real job is like. Also, you can improve your skills further to become an exceptional worker towards adulthood. Lucky for you, there are plenty of places to start. There are babysitting jobs for teens and retail shops looking for sales assistants. Many positions are offered in resorts, cleaning, animal care, and other fields. The good is to check vacancies on job sites like Jooble, filtering work positions based on age and experience. If you are 16 years or slightly older, here are a few places you can look into when trying to find a job.

1. The Movie Theatre

You may have already seen many young people working in this place. It’s a perfect way to earn extra money while enjoying your love of film. Your primary responsibility will be to maintain the movie theater for everyone to enjoy. You can interact with many different people, so it’s a great way to develop customer service skills. Having some genuine experience in the movie business can be a great jumping point into more severe roles within the film industry.

2. Supermarkets

Working in retail is highly recommended if you need some more serious customer service. Here you can get some hands-on work by performing several different tasks. You will be helping stock shelve with valuable products. You will assist customers in finding what they are looking for and answering questions. You can learn so many skills from various retail work. This will help you in future careers you decide to have later down the line.

3. Foodservice

While retail can have you dealing with food, proper food service industries can teach you how to serve it. It might be the best way to learn if you are interested in cooking or other food-related topics. You can find part-time work in restaurants or bars. Your duties may cover serving people and probably simply preparing some products. It does help to have some food-related qualifications, in case it includes catering and food safety certificates.

4. Cleaning

Cleaning jobs are a perfect place to start without work experience. There is a lot of responsibility you can learn, and it helps give you confidence. The more cleaning you do, the more you can apply it to everyday life. Learning how to clean is one of the essential skills for the adult world. You can even know specific instructions on safely cleaning property with minimal risk. Discover the right solution to maintain a home surface properly while getting down and dirty.

5. Agriculture

16-year-olds can work in the agriculture industry since it requires minimal qualifications. A lot of the work you will partake in is learned from the get-go. Your primary duties involve picking up crops and carrying them into storage. You will also be asked to properly take care of plants, such as picking grapes or corn. If you have more experience, you may also learn to deal with livestock. For instance, feeding the pigs or chickens may be a part of your duties. Once you have a position in agriculture, you can step into more professional farming once you are older.

6. Camp

There are a lot of camp groups that look out for teens willing to help them. It’s an excellent job to have over the summer as you can take part in tons of activities. Not only do you interact with children, but you will be asked to play alongside them. Activities will involve climbing mountains, taking hikes, playing games, camping in the woods, and more. If you have ever considered teaching, helping out at camp is a where you can begin your training.

7. Theme Parks

The position out there is another example of a perfect holiday job. Teens can work at amusement parks to help with the summer fun. They can serve food and drinks at selective venues. They can host rides and charge customers to hop on. You may even learn how these rides work and discover some engineering skills. There I always something enjoyable happening at a theme park. It is a job that you may rarely get bored of coming to.

8. Healthcare

While many healthcare places require real qualifications and legal age, some establishments still include work for teens. This may involve working at a receptionist’s desk or helping with cleaning. Any actual health work must be done by a trained professional. However, there is always a use for assisting customers in other ways to help out.

9. Animal Care

If you have ever wanted to work with animals, teens can find work experience with veterinarians. You can help with tasks like assisting customers, grooming pets, or rescuing animals. This is another field where real qualifications matter for more professional work. However, if you are ever interested in those positions, working part-time can offer first-hand experience.

10. Resorts

You have seen some teens help out in pools and holiday resorts. This industry is grateful to so many young people working towards running and maintenance. You can be a pool lookout, a tour guide, or a cleaner. All of this is to help the resort be a fun place to enjoy the summer.

The best time to find work for teens is through summer jobs. Search for summer jobs using the job sites and their various resources.

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