Easy Ways to Protect Your Family’s Future

As moms, our biggest job is to make sure our kids have everything they need to be healthy and live a happy life, not only today but in their future as well. Although not the most fun topic to talk about, one of the most important ways to ensure our kids have happy, healthy lives is to set up financial protections now for their future. Once done, it gives us moms an incredible peace of mind knowing that our kids will be taken care of, no matter what. It may seem overwhelming at first but it doesn’t have to be. I’ve learned of some fantastic ways that make it quick and easy to protect your family’s future that I hope you’ll check out below.

UGMA Account

First up, have you heard of a UGMA account? I haven’t heard of them until now and glad I did. These accounts allow you to easily transfer cash, securities, life insurance policies and other assets to your kids in a tax-advantaged way. Setting up a UGMA account is a great first step to building a nest egg for your child, whether you want it to save for college, their first car, a down payment for their first home, or whatever you decide for their future. A UGMA account is in your child’s name but you remain in control as the custodian until they reach adulthood. This sort of account can be used for anything that benefits your child’s financial future so the possibilities are endless.

Life Insurance

Equally important when talking about protecting our kids future is life insurance. Understanding the basics of life insurance is important because you do have options. It is easier than you may think with the option of instant life insurance approval with no medical exam required. It used to be that to get life insurance, you had to go through a comprehensive health check. Now, you have the option of no-exam policies, so why not do it now? There are top-tier life insurance providers that use technology like data analytics to let you qualify for a life insurance policy in just minutes. You don’t have to get a medical exam, meet with an insurance professional or anything, you can do it from the comfort of home. This means no excuses in taking this vital step to protecting your family’s future.

If life insurance still seems overwhelming for your family’s needs right now, please consider another option called instant insurance, it provides coverage immediately upon approval, sometimes for as little as $9 per month. No huge long-term commitments, just simple protection for your loved ones. It’s the type of life insurance we all need to ensure that if anything should happen to you, your kdis will be financially protected.

Protect Your Family’s Future

The future is uncertain but as moms, we know we have to look to the future and do everything we can to protect our families. I’m glad there are so many tools available to help us build our financial futures easier than ever.  Whether you go the UGMA account, instant life insurance, or no medical exam policy route, the key is taking that first step to get set up.

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