Allowance and Chores made Easy with FREE RoosterMoney App and Alexa!

40% of us use voice services instead of websites and apps. Alexa has become a common household guest – we ask her the weather, about facts, we play games with her, make shopping and to-do lists, and so much more. Now, we talk about money, specifically my kids’ allowance money. There is a new app every family should own and it connects to Alexa, it is called RoosterMoney.

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RoosterMoney is an amazing free app that allows you to delegate allowance chores and ‘extra’ chores for your kids. They get paid the allotted money you set for each chore or allowance. Once a chore is complete, the child checks it off on the app and you get to approve or not approve it.

From there, your child can put the money in Spend, Save, and Give. This app teaching responsibility, as well as how to save and donate their money. My kids love the app and I’ll tell you how it transformed our chores in a moment but first, let’s talk about Alexa.

By 2020, voice activated devices are set to be in 75% of our homes. That was fast! This can be a good thing, especially when we use it as a resource to teach our children about things like finances and it opens up the conversation with our kids about good money habits.  After all, research points to the fact that kids learn about money by talking about it.  With Alexa, your kids can always know their money situation through RoosterMoney and Alexa working together.

At any time, you can ask Alexa all sorts of questions – sure beats breaking open the piggy bank!

“Alexa, how much money have I got?”
“Alexa, what’s in my spend pot?”
“Alexa, what chores do I need to do today?”

RoosterMoney has done their own research and have found that kids with their mobile app usually end up saving an average of 30.5% of all of their money. By being able to see how much money they have and where they are allocating the money, kids have a better understanding of their finances.  It is easier to keep spending money, saved money, and giving money separate when it is in the app and not in a big pile or stuffed in a piggy bank.

For my family, it’s been revolutionary. My kids have done chores since they were toddlers with increasing responsibility as they get older. There are some chores that they are good about doing and others that I’d have to always ask and remind them about. RoosterMoney has changed all of that.  My kids have required chores that they must do daily/weekly. Once the chore is done, they check it off and it comes to be for approval. If they don’t complete the required allowance chores, they get no allowance. They haven’t missed one yet!

What has really, really impressed me is how much MORE chores they are doing AND that I am not asking them to do these chores. I have extra chores that are optional, with a monetary amount associated to each. I’ve found that my kids are constantly completely extra chores on their own and then sending me a completed message to approve them. I love it and my kids love it!

They have also enjoyed using the spend, save, and give feature with money in each category. It is fun to watch how their brains work. My son likes to save money toward a goal that he put in his app for an upcoming new pet. Instead of kids asking for money, with RoosterMoney, they know everyday the potential of what they can earn with extra chores!

Since I am not always trying to keep cash on hand to pay allowance, I don’t have to worry about remembering to go to the bank.  I use to write IOUs for them. Now, their ‘money’ is in their RoosterMoney account. If they want to spend it while we are shopping, I pay for it and they delete it our of their account on the app. It is so much simpler!

I can’t tell you how much this app has been a blessing for our family – chores get done without me nagging, extra chores are done without me even asking, no more IOUs from mom, my kids are saving more money, and my kids have money ‘with them’ through the app to use when we are out and about!

Get the RoosterMoney app on Apple store, Google Play, or for FREE with in-app purchase options. The RoosterMoney Plus version is about $20 a year with even more options!

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