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Spread throughout my house are engagement pictures from age 20, baby photos, marriage license, deeds to a still lame car, and household documents.

women in front of a safe with photos

If we had a fire, surely, it would all be destroyed.  Kind of hard to thing of it that way.  A disaster, like the floods you see today in Vermont, is kinda scary.

Indeed we have an older model lock box that we stuffed the REALLY important papers into – certificates, licenses, immunization records, etc, but, its now overflowing and does not fit the needs of our young family.  It was simply time to upgrade.  Thanks to a new product from SentrySafe, we were able to do that.
Sentry Safe 1100 Overflowing

Our SentrySafe Big Bolts Video Review


The new Big Bolts Fire-Safe line from SentrySafe

The steel Big Bolts Fire-Safe line is, well for one thing- heavy!  Coming in at 90 lbs, Its tough- and it won’t be taken away by any would be burglar- especially if it is attached to the floor (which is what it is built to do).  I was trying to figure out how to show how spacious the inside is.  I thought about comparing it to a college grade mini fridge- but then I saw my watermelon.. and…. well see below.
Watermelon in a safe showing how large it is

A Safe that is Built Tough

I have to confess that I am not a safe expert- but I know a tough product when I see one.  The 1″ steel bolts in the door (that move and close the unit) scream “I can keep any intruder out”.  The Verified 1 hour of fire protection for documents, CDs, hard drives has me sold- as does the water resistance and the ability for this baby NOT to open – even when dropped 15 feet.

Big Bolts on a Safe

A Safe that is Simple to Use

Mostly, I’ve seen safes – in the movies- or maybe in one of my employers’ offices.  I wasn’t sure if the combination would be tough to figure out.  It turns out – that the combination is just 3 numbers- just like a gym locker!  I know that sounds silly- but it was a bonus to me!  They also have models that have electronic keypads.

Our safe has a nice shelf for dividing items, and ample room to add more of your own storage layers/dividers.  Some models have lights- which, although its not a big deal would be cool if you were filming your own safe robbing bank heist movie.  There’s also  key ring hooks, and some handy cubby holes in the door.
Combination Safe Lock

I’m not wealthy- what would I ever put in a safe?

Although cash would certainly be preferred, as mentioned above there are lots of things that should be stored in a safe.  The full text list is below the image.
What to put in a safe

  • Photos
  • Video Tapes
  • Hard Drives with financial information and videos/photos
  • Flash Drives of the same information
  • Licenses – Marriage, Career information
  • Certificates – Immunization, Passport items
  • Mortgages- Household and Property documentation
  • Agreements – Rental, Car Loan, Insurance
  • Medical Records – Your Dad’s Heart X-rays

Where can I buy a SentrySafe Big Bolts Fire-Safe

The SentrySafe website can direct you to where to buy which models, specifically. The Big Bolts Fire-Safe line runs between $199 – 299.  The safes in general are available at mass market retailers like Walmart, The Home Depot, BJ’s, Sam’s Club, and Target.

Win SentrySafe Big Bolts Fire-Safe (Cl0sed)

Updated: 9-24-11 Winner Announced: Barb

SentrySafe is giving you the chance to win your own SentrySafe Big Bolts Fire-Safe! ($200+ value)

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