Best Preschool Gymnastics Classes in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio: Flytz USA Gymnastics Review

picture of Flytz Preschool Gymnastics in Akron Ohio

Does you son or daughter love to tumble? Would you like to provide a solid foundation for sports or gymnastics for them? If so, you should check out Flytz USA Gymnastics in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio. They offer gymnastics classes for girls and boys ages 2-18, cheer/tumbling classes for ages 5-18, girls competitive teams, high school training, cheer-leading, birthday parties, open gym and even adult fitness classes.

My daughter loves to do flips, balance on things, and put on shows. I was able to sign her up for the Flamingos Preschool Gymnastics class in Flytz USA Gymnastics in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio. They offer 3 preschool classes for ages 2-5. More on those classes as well as classes for elementary – high school kids in my full review of Flytz USA Gymnastics.

picture of Flytz USA Gymnastics for ages 2-18
Flytz USA Gymnastics for ages 2-18

Gymnastics for Preschoolers (ages 2-5) in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio

The Flamingos Class at Flytz is for preschool boys and girls ages 4-5. Each class is held once weekly and offered at least 5 different time slots on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday so everyone can make it.

Even if you don’t think your kid has a future in gymnastics, the Flytz Preschool Gymnastics Program provides great building blocks for kids including physical activity, socialization, and a solid foundation for other sports. Although your child will learn great gymnastic skills, this is a play-based, fun environment. It is not a strict, regimented gymnastics class that will take your child to the Olympics at completion.

My daughter was enrolled in the Flamingos class for 4 and 5 year olds. It is more advanced than the 2 and 3 year old classes, the Flamingos gives your child a running start on gymnastics. Your child will learn the building blocks for cartwheels, backward somersaults, and handstands in this beginners level of gymnastics.

Flamingos Gymnastics Class for 4 and 5 year old Preschoolers in Akron, Ohio area Review

With no prior gymnastics training, Elizabeth, my 4 year old joined Miss Amy’s Flamingos Gymnastics Class for 4 and 5 year old Preschoolers in the Akron, Ohio. I had hoped she would be able to fit right in. What I found was that there were a couple girls that had obviously been to other classes and more advanced. The majority was starting right with Elizabeth, at the beginning. This is a great class for boys and girls. There was about 1/3 boys to 2/3 girls in a class size of about 10.

Stretches – Preschool Style

Each session began with fun stretches to get their bodies for exercise.

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Miss Amy is gifted in both gymnastics AND preschool age teaching. I could easily see her being a full fledged preschool teacher. She is expressive in her words, actions, and voice. She was able to relate what they were doing with things the preschoolers understood and enjoyed. For stretches, they were either hiding from dinosaurs with full leg extension stretches or reaching and stretching or reaching for ice cream! She even manged to make sit ups fun and exciting! Her enthusiasm was contagious and made each element of the class exciting – even warm up stretches!

Preschool Gymnastics Training and Practice

The class session was broken down into 2 routines. Each routine would be explained and demonstrated by Miss Amy. She would go through the routine which was set up as a sort of obstacle course. She would show the kids how to properly do each part. Then, for the one difficult aspect of the course, she would work with each child one-on-one. Then, the kids were free to go through the course in an orderly fashion. Even while working one-on-one with kids, she had a keen eye on what was going on around her. She would direct any misbehavior as well as encourage proper form and skills for kids doing the rest of the course. I was so impressed!

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A typical course would have kids walking in different ways on a balance beam, jumping up on a soft structure to land a particular way on their feet, running and jumping on a mini-vault into a straddle jump, climbing their feet up the wall to a mini-hand stand, donkey kicks, and more.

After several times going through this course, Miss Amy would take the kids to another course, usually involving parallel bars. Here, Miss Amy would again demonstrate what kids were to do at each part of the routine or obstacle course. My daughter was so excited to be able to flip forward and backward on the parallel bars with Miss Amy’s help.

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It was neat to see how strong my little girl really is when she pulls herself up and stays up on the bars. It was also amazing to see how kids this young could easily follow directions on 4-5 obstacles to go through. If someone would have asked if my daughter could pull herself up on bars, run and jump on a mini-vault, and even do a forward somersault on a balance beam before this class, I wouldn’t have thought she would be coordinated or strong enough. This class not only taught my daughter amazing skills but taught me just how strong my daughter really is. I still cannot believe Elizabeth can do a forward somersault on a balance beam without falling off (even if it was just inches from the floor)! I’m amazed at what Miss Amy taught her!

There was also time for jump on the trampoline, jump in the pile of sponge blocks, and on the large inflatable for bouncing, high jumps, and kicks. It is a high energy, fun, and challenging class!

picture of Fun Gymnastics for Preschoolers Akron Ohio
Fun Gymnastics for Preschoolers in Akron, Ohio Area

Preschool Gymnastics Performance

At the end of each class, the kids would hold a Preschool Gymnastics Performance for each other. This is a time where each kid had the chance to show off the new ability and skill they learned that day in front of each other. Miss Amy would ask each child to come up in front to show off their ability. Then, the kids would clap for that child. This gave the child extra practice on that skill as well as encouragement and applause from their peers. This was a great social building activity!

Conclusion of Each Class

At the conclusion of each class, the kids would cool down with more stretches to preschool music. Then, Miss Amy would surprise them with a special stamp on their hand or feet. She would have them close their eyes until everyone had their stamps. This was a time full of lots of giggles as kids anxiously awaited to open their eyes and see their stamps. How she was able to get 10 4 and 5 year olds to keep their eyes closed for that long amazes me! Then, at the end kids would leave with bubbles being blown at them, high fives, and words of encouragement.

picture of Flytz Preschool Gymnastics in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio
Flytz Preschool Gymnastics in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio

The environment at Flytz for preschool gymnastics is friendly and inviting for kids. The walls are covered with bright colors and murals. All of the equipment is brightly colored and sized just right for young kids. They even have large bouncers for kids to jump and practice on. Although everything is made for kids and it looks like a giant playground, the instructors are sure to keep kids safe with proper use.

My daughter left each and every session more excited and happier than before she went to the class. Each time, she came home and showed us all the skills and gymnastics she learned. She was excited to tell everyone she knew that she could do a back flip, go on the bars, run on a vault, etc. This class taught her way more than I could have imagined possible for a girl that had never been in gymnastics before. But what I liked most about the class was how empowered and confident it made Elizabeth in her body and what she could do!

Sign up for Preschool Gymnastics at Flytz USA Gymnastics

Sign up for the final Fall session with Session C. Begins Nov 14- Dec17, registration begins November 7, 2011. 6 weeks is just $72.

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This was not a paid post. My own opinions were used based on my perceptions and experience. Thank you to Flytz USA Gymnastics who provided the classes for review and giveaway.

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