Fit Soul, Fit Body – 9 Keys to a Healthier, Happier You – A Review

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Could you benefit from the ability to accomplish more at work, lose unwanted weight, have more energy, wake refreshed after a great night of sleep, or experience greater fulfillment in all that you do?  If you are like me, you answered “Yes!” to at least one of those questions (ok, maybe more!).  Fit Soul, Fit Body, a recently released book by Brant Secunda and Mark Allen, promises to help you to be able to do all those things and more!  What is their secret weapon?  Read on for details!

Early in the book, Mark says, “If you only take away one message from this book, let it be this: Having strength of body and soul is the secret to living a full life.” And, although both at the top of their games, authors Brant Secunda (a Huichol Shaman and Healer), and Mark Allen (a 6 time Ironman Triathlon Champion), believe that average folks like you and me can also achieve our goals and lead incredibly fulfilling lives.  All we need to do, they say, is master their 9 key behaviors.

picture of Fit Soul Fit Body
Fit Soul Fit Body

Fit Soul, Fit Body’s 9 Keys to a Healthier, Happier You

Throughout the book, Brant and Mark share their own personal stories and experiences with their readers.  Brant lived over a decade with the Huichol Indians in Mexico, studying their simplistic yet deep lifestyle and connection to the earth.  There, he also learned the Huichol healing practices.  Mark has been a professional triathlete since 1982.  Mark says he would not have reached being a 6 time Ironman Triathelete Champion without the spirituality and healing he learned from Brant. With their vast knowledge of spiritual and body health combined, they developed 9 keys to a healthier, happier life.  Their keys are:

  1. Balance your responses to the 6 types of stress.
  2. Quiet the mind.
  3. Transform fear, anger and jealousy.
  4. Reconnect with the natural world.
  5. Honor yourself.
  6. Know and set the quest.
  7. Live what you ask for.
  8. Slow down to get faster.
  9. Invite your inner cave man to the table.

Now some of these may sound a bit strange at first blush, but trust me, with an open mind and a little explanation, they make a lot of sense and have the potential to help us make positive changes in our lives.

Not Just  Talk, Fit Soul, Fit Body Delivers Action Plans!

 Sometimes fitness or self-help books are heavy on rhetoric, but don’t deliver a lot in the way of “how to” plans.  Within Fit Soul, Fit Body’s pages, Brant and Mark not only explain the “why?” of the 9 keys, but also equip readers with actual fitness and diet plans – customized for exercise beginners to those that have been training for years.

Mark and Brant spend quite a bit of time discussing our modern lifestyle and often unbalanced relationship with food.  Unfortunately, America is winning the obesity race – topping the world’s charts with the highest percentages of overweight and obese individuals.  We all know it’s affecting our young children too.  Fit Soul, Fit Body talks about the importance of keeping our use of food in check – using it to nourish our bodies and help them to perform at their best.  In other words, food should be viewed as medicine for the body and soul.  Other in-depth discussions include proper ratios of carbs, fat and protein, the glycemic index, different kinds of fat, the 10 worst eating habits, and how to calculate your own Fit Body Eating Plan.

Overall, I found Fit Soul, Fit Body to be an enjoyable and enlightening read. I would recommend it to anyone seeking to “kick it up a notch,” with regards to their overall happiness and health.

Find out more about Fit Soul Fit Body on their website, and on Facebook.

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