Looking For An ebike? Key Features You Need

If you’re part of the cycling community or not, you will have undoubtedly heard about the ebike craze sweeping America (and the rest of the world!) right now.

But why are they so popular? For many cyclists, this has been the question on everyone’s lips, as more and more cyclists are being converted from traditional bicycles to motorized ones. There are many benefits to purchasing an ebike, from making cycling enjoyable for all ages to making your morning commute more effortless.

Whilst we could wax poetic about the advantages of ebikes, you should know that there are various options on the market before you go out and buy the first one you can find. From streamlined models and ones with increased battery life to cost-effective models and ones with increased range, to make your choice easier, here are some features to watch out for when picking out an ebike.

Add-Ons To Think About

Due to their jaw-dropping price, ebikes are sold with various add-ons that serve different purposes, such as making the equipment easier to use, security, and much more. Before you look into the different add-ons, ask yourself about how often you intend to use your ebike. Depending on how much you intend to use your new ebike and the purpose it will serve, you can expect to find models equipped with some of the following features:

  • Racks – Due to their added power, ebikes are ideal for transporting smaller items to and from, which is why many models come equipped with a frame.
  • Smartphone Integration—Some ebike models allow you to pair your smartphone with them, which enables GPS features, ride statistics, and more.
  • Lighting – Since this is a safety requirement, most ebikes are sold with lights. However, you can also add more.
  • LCD – Often fitted over the handlebars, an LCD helps outline battery health, usage, top speed, and pedal assist options.
  • Security – As you can imagine, looking at their price, ebikes are a prime target for thieves, and so safety is vital. Fortunately, you can buy various security accessories, like bike locks, GPS tracking, and ebike insurance to help deter thieves.

Learn more about bike security from insurance providers like Velosurance, who offer flexible insurance for Aventon bicycles and many other models.

Look Into Serviceability

Sure, it is admirable to buy from a smaller brand, as opposed to ebike giants. However, you’ll also need to consider serviceability. Like traditional bikes, ebikes have to be regularly serviced for longevity and continued performance. If you choose to purchase from a smaller manufacturer, you might find it harder to find insurance and maintenance.

Instead, you might find it easier to find insurance or maintenance for Aventon bicycles since you can find replacement parts more straightforwardly and are more reliable for insurers. Plus, some lesser-known manufacturers might not have a physical location for you to take your bike when it requires a service meaning that you might have to pay out of pocket for shipping, and packaging. Whereas household name brands are bound to have several physical locations around your state. This helps in eliminating unnecessary costs and making servicing your bike much more accessible. Sometimes, paying a higher price is more advantageous as it saves you less. As such, it’s certainly a factor worth considering!

Don’t Forget About The Weight

Another feature you should pay attention to when picking your new ebike is its weight. Including the motor and battery, an average ebike weighs between twenty and twenty-five kilograms, which makes it relatively heavier than a traditional bicycle. Before you dive in and make a purchase, it’s wise to determine what you’ll do with it.

Will you be using it to commute to work, but part of your journey involves getting on a train, which means you’ll have to get your ebike on and off? Or do you live in an apartment block and will have to drag your ebike up several flights of stairs daily?

If either of these scenarios relates to you, you will want to purchase a more lightweight model of ebike. However, don’t forget that when you lose weight, you lose power. So, if you’re in the market for a powerful ebike, you might have to make some sacrifices in the weight department.

The Importance Of Battery Life

Last but certainly not least, whatever the make, model, or size of the ebike you’re contemplating buying, all models will have a recommended range detailing how long you can ride on a single charge. However, because distance depends on various factors, there are often varying differences between the battery life of most ebike models.

The battery life for ebikes is calculated in watt-hours, which details how one watt of electricity can be produced by the battery in a certain number of hours. Yet, it would be best if you also remembered that how you care for your battery affects how long your battery life will last. So, when comparing bike ranges, look at the size of the motor and battery, but don’t forget to look after them!


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