Raising your children to not have glasses..

I wore glasses from 6th grade onward.  My husband 8th grade.  We both know that lenses and frames are likley on the way for our two children.  Matt and I both had corrective eye surgery when we were both working outside of the home, and had no kids (ahhh, the days of disposable income)

ANYWAY, back to my point.  I read a story pop up in the news this morning about a researcher (Kathryn Rose) at the University of Sydney and her research into, basically, what makes kids need glasses?

Do Bookworms Always need Glasses?

I’ve always assumed (as likely have you) that bookworm kids apparently need glasses because they stare close range at books for too long each and everyday- (and I included myself in that group I guess).  This also goes with video games, handheld devices, etc….  But it turns out that the opposite side of the coin might be more true. New Research shows that a deficiency of sunlight is the true culprit.

Read the full interview here..

The Eyeglasses Myopia Science in a Nutshell

A quote by Kathryn Rose taken from the above linked CNN Health article

Our hypothesis that the mechanism of the effect of light was mediated by retinal dopamine, a known inhibitor of eye growth whose release is stimulated by light, has also been supported by animal experiments. All of these studies confirm a consistent link between the time spent outdoors and the prevention of myopia, possibly crucially mediated by the at least ten-fold increase in light levels between indoor lighting and being outside. So yes, it is highly likely that there is a direct connection between time spent outside and preventing myopia.

Keep your kid from needing glasses

So, reading this story, I can see some physical reasoning as to why a child can need glasses that is stuck inside all day.  Getting (Forcing/Pulling/Dragging) your kid into the sunlight may allow them to live free of poly bicarbonate lenses, glasses, bifocals, contact lenses and surgery for their entire lives.  This seems like a straightforward, basic, all around “good for you” option for living healthy…   So how do you get your kids to stay outside?  What are the best activities in your neighborhood that keeps their attention MORE than TV, videogames, etc?

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