Tennis Courts and Tennis Equipment for Kids 10 and Under

Now that Summer is here, moms are trying to find fun ways to keep their kids active. A great option is tennis – it is both fun and great exercise.  Traditionally, tennis hasn’t been accommodating to young children. We received specially designed 10 and Under tennis equipment to try out in order to facilitate this post.

10 and Under Tennis Program

The new 10 and Under Tennis program features tennis products designed for young children as well as tennis facilities with lower nets and smaller courts. Between the two parts of the program, 10 and Under Tennis makes tennis a sport young kids can enjoy without feeling intimidated.

We were able to check out a couple 10 and Under racquets and tennis balls with my kids. Elizabeth is 6 and received the HEAD Speed 23 tennis racquet for ages 6-8. My son received the HEAD tennis racquet for ages 7-8. We also received some Penn tennis balls designed for kids ages 8 and under.

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We took our racquets and tennis balls to the local Silver Springs Park in Stow, Ohio park to try them out. This was the first time my kids  ever played tennis. We mostly did a quick demo for our kids and let them get use to the balls, racquets and court.

Tennis Courts and Tennis Equipment for Kids 10 and Under

The 10 and Under equipment makes it easy for the whole family to enjoy a sport together – even as young as 4 years old! The racquets were light and sized just right for their bodies.  By introducing tennis to your kids at a young age, you are giving them a life-long skill and joy that they can continue their entire life. Plus, it is a great way to get kids active and outside this summer for fun and exercise.

Tennis Courts and Tennis Equipment for Kids 10 and Under Tennis Courts and Tennis Equipment for Kids 10 and Under

If we were going to play a full game, I can tell how beneficial the lower nets and smaller courts would be at a 10 and Under tennis court.

10 and under tennis
In fact, while there, we met Peg with Pickleball of Ohio who was a physical education teacher and tennis instructor for kids for many years. She commented on how many kids feel frustrated with tennis when they start because the equipment is too large. She was impressed by the racquets and highly encouraged parents to not use regular tennis balls when teaching kids to play tennis. She explained that regular tennis balls bounce too high and fly too far, making it frustrating for kids. It was great hearing from an expert exactly the same thing that 10 and Under has found.

We found the Penn qst36 tennis balls for kids under 8 had less bounce and speed than traditional balls. The balls are actually a little larger than traditional tennis balls, making it easier for kids to actually hit! This was great for our young kids who are brand new to the game.

tenniswelcomecenter (7) tenniswelcomecenter (9)

By utilizing tennis courts and tennis equipment designed for kids 10 and under, kids will learn to play tennis quicker and have more fun doing it. It just makes sense.

There are a few 10 and Under Tens courts in the Akron area including:

  • Towpath Tennis Center
  • Fairlawn Swim and Tennis
  • Forest Hill Community Learning Center

You can find your nearest 10 and Under facility here.

Buy 10 and Under Tennis Equipment

There are several places in the Akron area that sells 10 and Under tennis equipment including Dick’s , Walmart, Target, and Towpath Tennis Center. Find your local retailer or buy online.

This was not a paid post. My own opinions were used based on my perceptions and experience. Thank you to 10 and Under Tennis who supplied the products for review.

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