TrionZ: Magnetic Jewelry For Father’s Day

Magnetic Jewelry has been around for a long time. I have run into people from all walks of life who tell me how magnets have helped them. TrionZ by Colantotte magnetic jewelry contain magnet technology and negative ion-producing power.  All day long our bodies absorb positive ions from electronics and machinery around us. This increase in positive ions has an effect on us.

TrionZ Dou-loop colors Magnetic Jewelry

The Duo-Loop Magnetic Jewelry Wristband

The Duo-loop wristband is a colorful band made of silicone. The double banded Magnetic wristband is available in several bold color options. It is comfortable to wear and waterproof.  Each wrist band is available in different sizes, Small 16 cm (6.3in), Medium 18 cm (7.1in) and Large 20 cm(7.9in).

Trion Z Duo-loop

 What About the Magnets

Each Duo-Loop Wristband has two, 100mT (1,000 Gauss) magnets. The magnets are arranged in a special way. They are set up in an Alternating North-South Polarity orientation to create a larger magnetic field. ( Doug says he could feel a difference right away.  He wore his Duo-Loop Wristband for over a week before he took it off for a few days. He noticed a difference within an hour of removal.

Trion z up close

Doug’s Thoughts

It’s very comfortable to wear. He says he can tell when he does and doesn’t have it on, based solely on how he feels.  It stretches to pull on easily.  He has no discomfort when washed his hands or showered with it on. He say it made him feel better, no specific things, just that he generally felt better(not so achy, slept better, etc). Doug liked the style of the Duo-loop, it looked good with everything he wore. It didn’t pull his arm hairs which I think is important. The price on the Duo-loop is $24.99, making it an affordable option.



One of you, our lovely readers will win your very own Trion:Z Duo-Loop magnetic jewelry wristband.  You will get to select your color and size.
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