Best Hair Brush for Tangled Hair!

Flex Brush Review

If you or your daughter have long or tangled hair, do yourself a huge favor and check out the Flex Brush. It really does matter what you use to brush your hair, especially if you want pain-free hair brushing.

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My daughter and I have completely different hair types. My hair is thick while her hair is baby-fine. Both of us struggle with tangles but her hair is the worst! Growing up, we’ve tried everything on her baby fine, long, straight hair. We’ve had some luck with wet brushes but they just couldn’t get all the tangles. It was as if those brushes only brushed the top layer of her hair and didn’t get all the way to the bottom. We had some really, really difficult tangles this summer with the combination of chlorine from the pool and sleeping on uncombined, wet hair at night. yikes! We literally worked on her hair for a hour before having to cut away a small section. Never again!

We now use the Flex Brush. I don’t know how it works exactly but it does. It glides right through my daughter’s tangled, wet hair with ease eliminating the tangles as it goes.

I think the way the brush bends and flexes with the contours of your head is what eliminates the pain.

The Flex de-tangles safely with extra benefits. Honestly, we are just so happy to get the tangles out without screams and pain!

The Flex brush also massages your scalp as you brush which promotes hair health, stimulates production of natural oils, and aides in hair growth. So, it is good for your hair. If you are trying to grow your hair long, I’m sure this would help because healthy hair grows better than unhealthy!  You can use this brush on both wet and dry hair, which is amazing since most brushes say only use on dry hair.

You can purchase your own Flex Brush on the Flex Brush website for about $19.95 with FREE shipping on orders over $25 and also available on

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