Fun Snow Day!

Waking up to a foot of snow and nowhere to go is the best thing that could happen to kids – unless they are school age and school gets canceled, I guess.  Isn’t the snow beautiful?! Daddy went outside first to start the snowblowing, if you have a snowblower, you know how it just blows the snow right up in your face which is not very kid friendly. Actually, my 5 year old son does like it. Anyway, we bundled up in our layers, snow pants, hats, gloves, and boots and headed outside to the winter wonderland. I love the thick snow that hangs on the trees and makes everything so clean and beautiful.

Big snow days are the only times we get to see our neighbors in the winter. We tend to take walks year round through the neighborhood, it gets all of us outside breathing in fresh air, plus our dog goes crazy if he doesn’t get a walk at least a few times a week. My kids always ask why nobody else is outside. But not today! Just about every neighbor had someone outside shoveling out their drive way. It’s a great time to catch up with the neighbors after a long winter of not seeing each other.  My wonderful husband ended up clearing 3 driveways because he is just cool like that.

The kids got to play with 4 other kids that were outside playing. Hooray! They had so much fun building ‘igloos’ which were just the banks of snow with a shovel full of snow dug out from them – for safety reasons! That snow is heavy! My son likes to dive into the snow, kinda like a belly flop, it’s so funny. My daughter only lost her boot in one snow mound, boy was she upset! And I only lost my camera once, but it was found!

Tonight, my husband made a hearty dinner and dessert! I love it when he cooks, he always makes something different that I never think to make and it is always yummy. Now, we are off to cuddle up on the couch for family movie night – another big favorite for our family. What a fun snow day!

So, we had a fun family day out in the snow. I hope you take the time to have fun and enjoy this big snow fall.

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