God Bless the Extremely Resourceful

I was searching through Amazon today for a gift for my brother in law, and I came across something that I am NOT recommending anyone purchase, but I find it ‘postworthy’.

Imagine a scene, like this one from the dumb and dumber movie…. (Jump to 2minutes,40 seconds )

Now, imagine this conversations taking a spin like this.

Lloyd: We have nothing here, we have to get out of here.

Harry: I don’t want to move to Aspen, let’s make it work here.

Lloyd: WE HAVE NOTHING HARRY!! We have dead pets, no jobs, a nasty apartment next to the train tracks.

Harry: At least the flowers are pretty along the tracks.  Wait a second Harry, that’s it!

Lloyd: What Harry, should we sell tickets for our view?

Harry: No Lloyd, let’s sell the flowers to the Florist!

Lloyd: Hmm, no, but what about the herbalist?

Anyway, I’m kind of losing my ability to make this connection happen, but, see below what you can buy on Amazon:

We Have Weeds!!!

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