Our New Garden Continues to Bloom

PanAmerican Seed & Darwin Perennials garden

Last summer, we created an ornamental pond in our front yard, by the patio. It was actually my 11 year old’s son idea and he helped a LOT with the shoveling, moving several hundred pounds of rock and has been keeping it clean and feeding the fish ever since. This Spring, I received new flower varieties from DarwinPerennials and couldn’t wait to landscape this new garden!

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We planted  Coreopsis UpTick Gold&Bronze, Yellow&Red, and Cream&Red, Penstemon Cherry Sparks, Penstemon MissionBells Deep Rose, and Salvia nemorosa Blue Marvel in my garden. We each have our issues with gardens like not enough sun or too much soon, deer or other creatures and insects that attack, poor soil, etc. The main issues with my gardens is that we live next to the Cuyahoaga Valley National Park which is scenic, but SHADY! We have barely no sun at all however, this garden is out sunniest area so we gave these varieties a shot. The second issue is my dog that pays no attention to where she walks or sits in gardens.

Of all the flowers, the Coreopsis UpTick  did best in my garden with partial sun and partial shade.

These perennials really bulked up from the small plants that I initially planted  I love the various color combinations of the Coreopsis flowers around the pond garden. It adds so much more interest than all the same colors.

Are they so cheery?!

Adding a new perennial to a garden is an easy way to add new interest and color to any bed. I love that each year, these flowers will spread and fill out this garden with gorgeous flowers. Once they get sizeable, my dog will hopefully walk around the flowers instead of through them too -we can only hope! She is very interested in the frogs in the pond, so maybe not!

Ohio frogs in ornamental pond

We also received a pepper plant that did very well as a potted plant. I received it well after my full garden was planted so I didn’t have space to include. I’m glad because it is so pretty as a potted plant on our back patio and it is yielding a lot of sweet peppers!

We also planted Jolt Pink Magic Dianthus in a small pot. This dianthus blooms gorgeous shades of bright pink all summer long. It is heat-tolerant making it perfect for hot summer like we had in Ohio this year.  This is a fantastic flower to plant now as it continues to bloom into Autumn.  As you can probably see in picture below, there is plenty of shade in my yard, I can only imagine how brilliant this flower would be in full sun!

I really like the Megawatt Red Bronze Leaf begonia. It has been blooming all summer long as a potted plant on our front patio offering unique color all season long. I also like that no deadheading is required so I can enjoy the blooms without any work. This is an annual as it cannot tolerate frost, however some people enjoy them planted indoors year-round.

You can check out all the new DarwinPerennials varieties of flowers here.  There are some amazing new varieties to choose from that will make your garden the envy of all around.

You can purchase DarwinPerennials online  as well as nurseries across North America.

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