The Right Tool for Ornamental Pond Cleaning

We dug a small ornamental pond in our front yard a few years ago.  This pond is surrounded by rocks, boasts a lovely rock wall (well, SORTA lovely -= we have big plans) and is pleasantly situated under a canopy of trees.

Every fall, we do our best to cover the pond from falling leaves using netting, but in the effort to ‘keep it clean’ we end up trapping little frogs on the net and then have fish feeding issues. it’s just.. bad.

So, for several spring times in a row now, we have a lovely pond with a 2-3″ layer of rotting leaves at the bottom.. They probably make a great place for fish and frogs to spend the winter months, but, come April and May- they MUST be removed.

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The option so far has been to send the most outdoorsy kid we have into the cold water and ‘let’ him scoop them out.  It works, sort of, but it’s not exactly good parenting.

This year, on a recent visit to The Home Depot, my husband saw a tool display for “Reachers” from Unger.  Genius he thought!  Why throw teen arms into the water when you can use a tool!

The Rugged Reacher has extra strength jaws for grabbing heavy objects. The head even rotates so that you can reach items at any angle. This would be helpful if you have items in hard-to-reach places. For me, this is around briar bushes, down the ravine, around the deck, and of course, in our pond where more than leaves gather. The ornamental stones we have lining the pond sometimes fall in and need retrieved.

The 36 in. Nifty Nabber is awesome at grasping items like a jar or even small items like a coin but not as heavy duty as the Rugged Reacher. There are countless uses both indoor and outdoor for the Nifty Nabber that will save you from bending over to pick up items in your yard, garage, or home – talk about a back-saver!

So, it turns out, that this tool, often used to grab hard to reach items on top shelves, yard litter, or help grandpa get a beer, is the absolute best tool to use for cleaning out leaf debris from a small pond!

OK, So it’s not made for water.

The Reacher Products from Unger are not specifically made for water- so, we’ve been drying them off after every use, and my husband said he might put some additional preventative grease on the moving joints just to keep them running well.  Their are steel parts that could rust – if you leave this out IN any pond for extended periods.  Just be smart.

  Whether you have a ornamental pond like us that needs cleaned out or other yard clean-up to do, these professional Unger products will help you get the job done right while saving your back. Let’s face, we are all getting older. It is time to work smarter, not harder especially when it comes to lawn maintenance and gardening. Plus, these tools make it fun so kids want to help!

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