The Best Ways to Enhance Your Pueblo County Home’s Curb Appeal

Let’s be honest, who doesn’t like having a nice-looking yard and fresh house to impress the neighbors? More importantly, your outdoor space should be your haven, not another stressor. After all, we all know how spending time in nature can improve our mental health, and Pueblo County, Colorado has some gorgeous vistas and feisty wildlife to enjoy. If you’re looking to refresh your personal oasis this season, keep reading— we’ve got some great ideas for you.

Freshen Up Your Home

The first task on your to-do list is to enhance your home’s exterior. What this looks like is up to you. You may be happy with a powerwash or decide to completely repaint your siding. Perhaps you want to change out your windows and doors. Anything to freshen up your home’s appearance, even something as simple as sprucing up your flower beds and adding a nice garden flag.

Look at Existing Outdoor Structures

Another way to upgrade your curb appeal is to look at things like mailboxes and birdhouses. If they are showing signs of wear that can’t pass for that chic rustic charm, have them repaired or replaced. You may even decide you want a new style for your yard or add your house number to the post. Maybe you want to buy a cute sign with your family name— it’s up to you!

If you have a fence, gazebo, or wooden deck, take a look at the structure and check for any signs of rot, decay, or pests. You want to ensure your property looks nice, but you also want to know that it’s safe.

Learn About Wildscaping

Wildscaping is a clever new term that refers to growing a healthy native yard that keeps local wildlife in mind. These yards move away from the flat, bland, so-many-inches-tall lawn grass and reintroduce meadow-like yards that are inviting to pollinators and leave hideaways for other little critters. You can also use water features to supply fresh, cool drinking water to your wild visitors. By moving towards wildscaping, you are benefiting Pueblo County’s other local inhabitants and making your oasis a true escape.

Beware of Hazards

Updating your landscaping is a great time to look for safety risks on your property. Deep holes can twist ankles, buried wasps nests can lead to a swarm of stingers, and other issues on your property could lead to someone getting hurt. You can take this time to add a little dirt here and there for stability and mark wildlife habitats like rabbit nests or wasps to avoid getting stung. You can also check for things like loose paver stones or damage to your home’s exterior.

Update Your Hardscaping

Hardscaping refers to things like paver paths, flowerbed borders, patios, awnings…solid structures that aren’t natural but also don’t count as a build like a gazebo would. You could add fountains and lighting or create a rock garden for meditation— whatever suits your lifestyle. Perhaps you want to use birdbaths as water sources and places for critters to cool off. Your only limit is your creativity, and even that can be boosted with a little reading on the internet.

Reduce Clutter With Dedicated Storage Space

Did you know that you can find high-quality storage sheds for sale made with quality lumber and built to fit your needs? You can use these cute little buildings to improve the appearance of your yard while making more space for storage; you can even add a little dog or cat flap to let animals shelter in the shed when it’s raining or too hot. Another idea is to make it a hobby space where you can get away from the family for some quiet creative time.

Design With Purpose

If you know what you want to use your outdoor space for, you can create a rough blueprint to work towards. Perhaps you want to enjoy a warm Colorado evening out by the grill enjoying a fresh meal— consider upgrading your grill or creating an outdoor kitchen space. If you want to be more self-sustainable, you could add raised beds for a flower garden or incorporate rain barrels in your design. Looking for a comfortable place to relax? Why not upgrade your patio furniture and add a firepit for an extra bit of warmth on colder evenings?

There are so many different ways to go with your project, but no matter what you want to design, it will carry a piece of you. You can also choose decor that you like or a few sets to change with the seasons or on particular whims. If you have enough saved up, you could even have a pool installed! Your yard is an extension of your home, so it’s your canvas to paint as you see fit.

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